Saying Goodbye to Tim

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Tim MacPherson’s 2nd child is due this month. He and his partner Ashleigh already have a little boy called Jack & a big white dog called Keats. He was killed at Barangaroo on the 1st of March this year. I spoke to his Dad because I was determined to meet the person behind the statistic. So far 64 Aussies have died at work this year…

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Mad for Max and Miller

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Are you, ehem, mad about the Australian dystopian film franchise? Whether you’re a Mel Gibson fan or an action movie junkie, you’ve probably seen a Mad Max movie or four. The wildly popular series of movies has stood the test of time (and space), and has left an indelible mark on Australia’s pop culture. Film critic and author of the book Miller and Max: George Miller and the Making of a Film Legend Luke Buckmaster joins me to discuss why the franchise is so popular. Listen here.

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Last kiss on my mind

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The last kiss you got from your partner – if they never came home from work – would become pretty significant right? I asked Pam about her last kiss…

Pam Gurner Hall

On Magic Mushie Patrol with the Cops

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When magic mushies pop up in the wild hills that surround the remote Western Australian town of Balingup the locals know the town will soon be swarming with pickers. But police are cracking down. I went along for the ride but never expected we’d actually catch anyone. (The dog has been blurred out to protect its identity) Watch, listen and read more here.

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Is the Leichhardt mystery solved?

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Who knows if Queenslander and self taught ‘Indiana Jones’ Tony Cush has found the last remains of explorer Ludwig Leichhardt? But the elaborate belt buckles and engraved map case clasp he says he brought back from the desert after scouring historical accounts in dusty libraries and setting out with a GPS, metal detector and a few mates certainly make you WANT to believe he’s solved the 160-year-old mystery. See hear more click here, to read more click here.

Micro parties strike back

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Thirty four minor parties met in Sydney over the weekend for a ‘council of war.’ Parties such as the anti-peadophile party and the Muslim party fear annihilation under changes to the Senate electoral rules proposed by the Government and supported by the Greens. And although their own ideologies are often completely at odds, the minor parties hatched a plan to exact revenge. Listen here.

Beating my own Drum

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I’ve watched myself on Friday’s episode of The Drum 4 times now and like a Tolstoy novel I keep finding new layers of meaning…

Crazy cats, pilots and opera singers

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Why WOULD ya listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 this AUSTRALIA DAY when you could flick on ABC Local Radio and hear from an Ozzie pilot flying missions over Iraq, a madman who’s roller-skiing across the Nullarbor, and an aspiring singer who only migrated here cos she saw a pic of the Sydney Opera House? Listen here. Or here. Or here.

A ferris wheel for sheep

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After I’d finished laughing at the sheeps expressions when they unexpectedly found themselves hoisted upside down legs akimbo I filed this report.

What if a robot could do your weeding?

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It might only be a year away thanks to ‘Rippa’ a fully autonomous, solar powered robot which carries a robot passenger called ‘Viper’ which sees weeds and squirts them with herbicide. And it’s fast – the system sprays 10 weeds a second while simultaneously cutting total herbicide use by a thousand. Watch the video here, or listen to my recent radio on ‘Rippa’ here.

Newtown’s Quirkiest, Norman & Power Ballads

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This. Is. Happening! Filling in for Dominic Knight this week on ABC 702 Sydney, 666 Canberra and ABC NSW. Tonight you’ll meet some of the quirky characters from the Humans of Newtown blog, be seduced by the best power ballads in the ABC CD library and have your brain stretched by Norman the Quiz… tune in from 7 here

Echoes of the ANZAC’s reverberates down the years

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Just before he left to fight in WW1 in 1916 Private Fred Grimson from the Orange district in NSW was recorded playing ‘The Merry Widow’ on the violin. They used a wax cylinder – revolutionary technology at the time. It’s 100 years since anyone has heard it. Well now it lives on after it was ‘ripped’ from the cylinder last week. To hear the recording, and to learn more about Private Grimson’s tragic story, click here.

Aboriginal Ladies Choir ‘Boomerangs’ back to Germany

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How’s this? German Lutheran missionaries arrived in Central Australian Aboriginal communities in the 1850s. The locals learnt this new faith’s hymns – and sang them in their traditional languages. Now, 150 years later, the Aboriginal Ladies Choir are heading to Germany to sing them to the Germans. It’s call the ‘Boomerang Tour’ – for obvious reasons. Hear the choir’s artistic director talking about this amazing project here.

Soweto Gospel Choir and Ntaria Aboriginal Womens Choir

Santa comes early for me on the wireless

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Sometimes Santa actually gives you what you asked for. Over summer I’m doing my best Tony Delroy impression hosting his show – every weeknight between 10pm-2am (earlier in WA). I think that means I’ll be the first ABC radio presenter in the country to wish OZ a happy Xmas and ALSO a Happy New Year. Now it’s not hard to listen. I’ll be on every single ABC local radio station in the country – all 60 of them! Every capital city, every town, every village. So tune in – and give me a call! You can also listen here.

Are these the remains of a vanished explorer?

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It’s Australia’s most mysterious historical riddle. In 1848 explorer Ludwig Leichhardt set off from Roma in Queensland trying to cross the continent from east to west – and was never heard from again. These fresh finds are from the edge of The Simpson Desert – and the story of their discovery is exclusive to ABC Alice Springs. Hear the story of the fella who found them here… or read more about his discovery here.

Snakes, Eagles and 10,000 cockroaches

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It took us 2 hours to meet snakes, eagles, 10,000 cockroaches & give away a sunset chopper ride over the West MacDonnell Ranges last Friday on the Drive Show at The Alice Springs Desert Park. But we’ve squashed it down to teeny weeny 9 minute morsel… don’t even try resisting! Listen here.

Campfire in the heart

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Sue and David Woods have lived in small ‘intentional Christian’ communities for over 30 years. They now operate a retreat centre not far out of Alice Springs called Campfire in the Heart. There they lead a life of hospitality and prayer. They met, married, and raised their four kids at St Joseph’s House of Prayer in Goulburn NSW which Sue founded. I spoke to them on ABC Local Radio’s Sunday Nights program. To hear why they’ve taken this unique life path listen here.

Sydney man lost in desert speaks for first time

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Dying in the wilderness it’s not quite as cool as it looks in Into The Wild – there’s less teenage broodiness and much less Eddie Vedder soundtrackage. I know this because I just spoke to a man who ran out of water while trekking in the central Australian desert about facing the reality of dying on 783 ABC Alice Springs. Graham Bradley was rescued by chopper after becoming so weak from thirst he couldn’t sit up. Listen here.

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