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So is Generation Y more selfish than any those that have gone before? Or is it simply that we’re living a slightly more insular and ADD version of what the baby booming hippies only dreamt of?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that when I thrash out the issues as a panellist on the ABC’s Difference Of Opinion – we’ll all be more confused than ever.

So tune in on Monday the 23rd at 9.30pm to hear the pontification. And again on Thursday at 4.30pm if you’re really keen.

Or if you just don’t want to go and play Bingo or maybe read The Art Of War or eat some corn on the cob.

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11 Responses to “Tim Begs To Differ”

  1. euri Says:

    Hi Tim, just caught the program – I was really impressed by your intelligent thoughts on the society that is using the technology – your comments were spot on. I never watched Big Brother and now I’m wondering if maybe I missed some interesting conversation after all!

    I had to laugh at them talking about parents learning the technology. The majority of parents are working too hard, either because they don’t have a choice, or because they are so focussed on their career (most of them aren’t interested enough to take a few weeks of work for their babies, for heaven’s sake) that they are using the technology to babysit, not to create more need for interaction. Connecting with your kids takes time and effort.

    Keep stirring the pot, Tim, God knows we need it.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Just finished watching Difference of Opinion, and wanted to give you two thumbs up and a big ‘good stuff’.

    It’s great to here someone around my age being articulate and educated about this topic.

    I’m in my mid 30’s, I have 3 boys, the eldest just starting high-school, and without the internet and sms there would be an almost insurmountable divide between us. In fact I spend most Sunday afternoons playing World of Warcraft, ganged with my 2 eldest boys!!

    I believe the dangers of the internet and similar technology is greatly overstated. Perversly because of that very technology. Media entertainment is so easily found that mainstream sources have to ‘hype’ up every story to gain an audience, and integrity takes a back seat.

    Keep up the good work, Anthony.

  3. Lisbeth Says:

    hey Tim, you and Kath made so much sense on DoO tonight, refusing to panic, contextualising the “problems”, listening to everyone who spoke and being relevant with your replies. Your intelligence and integrity shines through, mate, good on you.

  4. Luke Says:

    Dear Tim

    I’m currently studying multi-media and I was just watched the show. I found the over all opinions of panel rather bias and the show rather poorly constructed. The ABC’s version of original SBS’s talk show is rather lacking in any confrontational journalism. They pick somewhat interesting subjects but lack the questions to entice interesting discussions.

    Being personally involved in the media like yourself, I find it interesting how people like to blame the smaller issues rather than the key causes. Bullying may be fired by internet as was discussed, however like you did argue, how many people will see the material that is taken by the bully? If a film is taken is that not incriminating evidence? In any case the parents should be responsible enough to put key word filters into their internet browsers if they are scared of their children accessing information on the internet. Or even buy programs that do this (this sort of technology has been around for a few years).

    One key thing the show didn’t touch on that I thought was interesting is the language that has been created via the internet and texting. However all in all the show was drawn out and ran around the same issues the entire hour that it aired.

  5. Count Skogg Says:

    Good work on the show, Tim.

    I thought one of the most interesting things to come out of the chaos was the idea of “community”, which is definitely more enhanced by the internet. It might somewhat negate the insularity and selfishness of people spending considerable amounts of their free time at home. I can’t imagine what community was really like 30 years ago, before my time, anyway. was it really much different?

    i find it really intriguing to be able to use the internet to discuss opinions and read reviews of music, etc. and to have some sort of bonding interaction with others on the same wavelength as yourself. and/or to be inspired by new ideas, sites, music, etc. that’s how i’ve enjoyed the web over the years, adn it has so much potential, to improve communication via many of the avenues mentioned on the program. google and wikipedia for the initial information quests, help sites from personal advice to how to car maintenance, and just entertainment in general.

    the issues of “generation” and age really bore me to tears – anyone can learn and get into it as much as anyone else. however, it is true that it’s easier if you’ve grown up with it as a large part of your life. but you can’t just write off “adults” or “people over 30”. that’s just stupid.

    anyway, good work again, and thanks for setting me off thinking about some other related topics.

  6. Rita Says:

    No – I don’t think Gen Y is any more selfish than the boomers. The age range that todays Gen Y covers is naturally egocentric anyway, no matter which generation. Just because the social norms of the time possibly didn’t allow the generation to display it as overtly as today’s (Y) generation do, doesn’t mean they weren’t just as selfish.

    Boomers just demonstrated it in different ways.

  7. Danielle Says:

    Managed to catch the final 10 minutes or so … and tuned in to your pontification;-) Now just waiting for the full transcript to go up, so I can see if it makes any sense in context 🙂

    I’m actually a p/t sociology student, studying in an external mode [so couldn’t be disconnected myself]… moreso though, I’m keenly interested in new media. I’m actually attempting to write a paper as we speak on Myspace from a sociological perspective.

    Better get back to it, hmmm how do we I spell Baudrillard again?

  8. Danielle Says:

    Managed to catch the final 10 minutes or so … and tuned in to your pontification;-) Now just waiting for the full transcript to go up, so I can see if it makes any sense in context 🙂

    I’m actually a p/t sociology student, studying in an external mode [so couldn’t be disconnected myself]… moreso though, I’m keenly interested in new media. I’m actually attempting to write a paper as we speak on Myspace from a sociological perspective.

    Better get back to it, hmmm how do I spell Baudrillard again?

  9. Jacinta Gascoigne Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Well, how refreshing to see at least one member of the panel on the ABC, excited and engaged about web 2.0, web.30 technologies.
    Today a number of people in the e-learning world, have been chatting about the show and all have nothing but praise for the way you handled the others who were leaning towards to negative and constant scare mongering that we have been seeing, steadily increase in the media.
    In the educational arena in this country currently, we are seeing more and more schools, TAFE’s, Uni’s completely blocking staff and student access to all of the social networking tools and technologies available. Why? They have been seen as dangerous and thus in driving fear into parents, they feel vindicated in their actions. For some of us in the e-learning world, this is scary. The technologies are not going to vanish, they are going to grow and change, especially with the number of ‘mash up’ we are seeing hit the net. The tools are being used by industry in marketing and advertising campaigns, collaborative research and the list continues. Parents are not hearing about the benefits, nor will they with the current attitude of block them from educational settings and they will go away.
    There are some of us, the rebels so it seems that feel this needs to change and change now, before ‘fear’ which only restricts ones life and thinking takes a greater hold than it does now. We want to see parents and their kids, informed and educated in the ‘safe use’ of these technologies and engage them in their use, so they can see exactly how incredibly exciting and how much they offer all of us.
    Getting our message out there is not easy as many are constrained by the institutions they work within.
    So, a number of us regarded as expert in our field in this country and others internationally are banding together, to find ways to spread the positives and educate and inform, so that we can see the lifting of the unreal environments that are being created currently.
    We would love it if you could find the time to join us, in an online forum or be a special guest in an online event, or provide us with some advocacy, so that we can do the right thing for our learners, parents and families.
    After watching the show the following came to mind and it is our catch cry currently:
    “To allow fear to be in control of one’s life, is to limit oneself and all around you.
    Connect with your children, with your learners. Understand them, understand their worlds and grow with them, not against them”.
    Thank you for letting the country know that these tools provide opportunities once only dreamed of and for providing a voice, whether you knew it at the time or not, for those of us hitting brick walls and for the youth of our great country.

  10. Jessicarnival Says:

    I watched it, by accident on Monday night. You were in fine form pal. The chick with the blonde hair, from syd uni or something, she was a tool. Seriously. Well that’s how she came across. I wonder if it’s worth watching again on Thurs. Only time and boredom will tell.

  11. JASSY Says:

    Hi Tim i always miss your show. But I do agree with what you are standing up for, I am 100% behind you


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