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Of course you believe John Howard’s WorkChoices legislation is bad for working families. What’s more you can see it just doesn’t make economic sense. I mean just read today’s Herald.

So? Well, get yourself to Sydney on Sunday the 22nd of April for a rally and a concert called RockinForRights to see off these destructive laws.

After a march from Hyde Park North at 11am we’ll assemble at the SCG to listen to Ozie rock greats like You Am I, Missy Higgins, The Screaming Jets and heaps of others. And have a cheeky beer or two.

I’ll be MCing part of the day with Charles Firth another Chaser writer.

Want a preview? Check out what Andrew Hansen and I did at the Queensland Unions RockTheVote event

You must come. Cos it’s not just the ‘Liberals’ we need to keep in line.

See you there!

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10 Responses to “Timbo At RockinForRights”

  1. Alexander Hayes Says:

    Run back a little through my blog Tim and read of some majour bullying going down here in Australia and worldwide.

    The identity cue arose.

    That’s where it’s really at. I’d like to converse with you on this as it interweaves with what’s going on in my world and many other educators.

    Great thing your onto.

  2. Dave Says:

    saw you on tale tonight. Its great to here articulate and passionate people who are prepared to stand up and speak up.
    Keep up talking about the impacts of the Work choices Leg.
    I’m involved down in the Shoalhaven with a community group against ‘Work choices’, myself and another lady came up with the idea of having a ‘Fair Employers Scheme’ to help support those local businesses that are resisting the Industrial Relations Changes
    One fundamental philosophy change that you might want to get out there, is that the ‘Fair Pay Commission’ which has taken the place of the ‘Industrial Relations Commission’, has as its base role when setting minimum wages and conditions, the maintenance of a competitive labour market, rather than an acceptable minimum standard of living. A flawed economic philosophy rather than social responsibility . The possibility of ending up with an American style, full time working poor is a very real prospect.
    People need to be reminded that they have very powerful weapons at their disposal, their wallet and their vote. Think about where you spend your money, and support businesses that support the wages and conditions that you would want for your self, ( think twice before going for cheap imports). Know how to Vote and understand the preference system.

    A thought I’d like to share with you about Technology/ anti social behaviour/ regulations. I agree 100% that the problems and the anti social behaviour we are seeing are the reflections of an ailing society. Are these problems being exacerbated by new technology or a new societal structure, Big questions. I don’t agree with you when you say that more resources to facilitate greater regulation at school level is the answer. I think the problem and therefore the answer lies in the priorities and values we hold as a society and the importance we place on strong families and communities. It has also been shown that over policing and regulation allows the individual to abdicate responsibility for their actions and or to react against that which they see as oppression.
    I am a father of three boys. Parents are, for the most part, the single biggest influence in a Childs life and that’s where I see society failing and change needed. The role of parenting and the raising of young, carries with it the greatest responsibility one could ever imagine but I don’t think it is regarded in this way. The pursuit for personal or singular success, fuelled by consumerism has largely taken precedence in our society. I see a trend away from taking responsibility for ones own actions in my own peers. People too busy in their own self interest to monitor what their kids are doing, houses too big to know what their kids are doing, too busy maintaining the materialistic ideal they have been sold to Know what their kids are doing.

    I think Generation Y’s lust for connection is natural. We as humans are social creatures. I am afraid though that the technology, coupled with the pace and complexity of the existence we have created looking for happiness and fulfilment, will actually hinder the connection we really long for. Will it create people afraid and unwilling to chance the real world with all its risks, ups and downs, and actually get their feet dirty. Or could it lead to people losing the skills to socialise and relate physically over the long term, marriage and long term relationships are tenuous affairs with alot of compromise. People unprepared to experience sadness will never no real happiness.

    Take care,
    If your up to it, it would be great to have someone like you to vote for in parliament.

  3. Chris Saad Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Great work on Difference of Opinion last night. You were the only one that really got it.

    We have done a podcast on the topics discussed. Manual Trackback: http://www.particls.com/blog/2007/04/web-20-and-media-20-destroying.html

  4. Pieface Says:

    Read a letter to the editor in one of the newspapers commenting about “thousands attended…millions stayed home”. Love to see a comment like that bandied around regarding Anzac day parades.

  5. Pieface Says:

    Read a letter to the editor in one of the newspapers commenting about “thousands attended…millions stayed home?. Love to see a comment like that bandied around regarding Anzac day parades.

  6. Allison Says:

    I heard that the government is helpping everyone else. including themsevles with a payrise. what about people on a disabilty pension. Nothing. I know a lot of people that have a disablity and unable to work.. the Government and everyone else does not care or help them in any way.
    Keep up the good work Tim

    Love yea heaps

  7. Snakes Says:

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  8. Allison Says:

    I do not agee with John Howaed are other PM’s say. All they want in money or some thing thing for themelves. forget the reason of us

  9. Allison Says:

    i am on a pension and at home. I do anything to be back at work. but no bosses will take me on because of my disablite

  10. Foo Says:

    What’s… so bad about WorkChoices?

    It mainly affects the retail industry where it’s cheap to employ and train workers. If one person loses a job, another one gains it. In other industries, training employees is costly and employers are much more reluctant to fire people for no reason. Infact, apart from hyperbole and isolated incidents WorkChoices hasn’t created too many problems… except for more advertising about fictional events.

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