Am I The New Hunter S?

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I’m currently trying to write a new entry on my website. Except my flatmate’s girlfriend Amy is in my room and it’s Friday and it’s seven pm and I want a beer and a pancake, or maybe some Indian. She’s not letting me concentrate so I’m turning this into an existentialist web post – one that Satre would be proud of, I kind of mini Nausea if you will. Anyway Amy is whinging about how I didn’t agree to be in her meta ironic feminist play, playing a male character who is bound and gagged. I was worried such a role would not extend me artistically.


She’s lying on my bed bored but in that blissed out state only those in their late 20’s and beyond can know where you are just so damned happy to not be working even lying aimlessly on a friend’s bed can be the funniest thing you’ve done in a week.

Now she’s pulling out eyelashes and objecting to the fact I didn’t fully describe the male character in her play accurately as a wife bashing music critic. I made the mistake of reading what you are reading back to her.

Is this the least bit interesting?

Did Hunter S, really make a living from writing like this?

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4 Responses to “Am I The New Hunter S?”

  1. Amy Says:

    It’s “artistically”, not “artisticly”. The way you have spelt it makes me think of “testicles”.

  2. Jennifer Basham Says:

    lol. i know that fried feeling. you end up staying home all weekend because you’re so munted from your working week. and they say we’re the ‘take it easy’ country!

  3. druscilla Says:

    hunter s saw giant lizards in las vegas casinos – how much are u prepared to endure for ur art!!?? 🙂

  4. Tim Says:

    i’m prepared to endure heaps if it means i get to have a cannon like hunter s did.

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