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So I needed an outlet for my opinion. ‘But you’ve already got one, you’re writing on it right now’, I hear you say. Yeah but I mean one that get’s me paid. So I’m doling out conjecture and controversy for a website called LIVENEWS.com.au


Do go and have a sqiz, here’s a direct link to the opinion page – you’re bound to see some of my stuff there.

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3 Responses to “Opinion Machine”

  1. Brad Davies Says:

    Love your piece of Australia’s Craziest Pollies. That Barry morris guy – what a scream.

  2. Brad Davies Says:

    And the WA libs. They just sound like all round maddies.

  3. roger bill Says:

    awaiting moderation does that meant no one else will see it cause you are censoring what goes in haha

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