Chaser could sue Seven for assault, wrongful imprisonment

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Just had a chat with my Chaser mate, Andrew Hansen, where he describes what happened at Channel Seven yesterday.  The boys have not ruled out suing the network after being shoved, threatened and then detained by Today Tonight staff.  Have a listen by clicking here.


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5 Responses to “Chaser could sue Seven for assault, wrongful imprisonment”

  1. Kate Says:

    You know you’re striking nerves when you get detained. I reckon they should try to get themselves locked up under the new ASIO powers – put on some German accent and walk into a police station acting confused. Chas might have to grow a real mo.

  2. Sose F Says:

    Hey Tim, your web email does not work?!
    Plus, I thought that Channel 7 was really unprofessional about the whole thing; and their coverage of it did nothing else but highlight the fact that they can still stick cameras in peoples faces, try and interrogate and degrade people … while in their own offices.

  3. Tim Says:

    Kate – absolutely, it’s perfectly alright for TT people to stick their camera’s in people’s faces and chase people and harass them in their homes and workplaces, but it’s not ok for The Chaser. Crazy stuff….

  4. Tim Says:

    Sose – yeah it works, i got your emails, about 5 times!! So it well and truly works. Thanks for the note, you’ll be a great journalist, it was a pleasure to give you a few pointers – you’ve got the confidence bit down pat!!

  5. Tim Says:

    Sose i hear what you’re saying about Channel 7. You are spot on with your analysis of TT. They are audio visual thugs – but they don’t like it when it happens to them. They are tabloid journalists of the worst kind. It’s funny also because they always attack the weak, never the big wigs – the corporate criminals etc. It’s always the soft targets – they’re cowards. It’s always dodgy builders etc. Petty, Petty stuff – the chaser has the guts to go after the big guys – the politicians and big business people etc.

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