Who’s afraid of the Union bogeyman?

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Howard wants us to believe unions will stop the sun coming up if he loses. But the reality is most people under 40 can’t remember anything unions have done – and if they can it’s positive. This little story has a kinda cool video piece with it – have a look here.


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2 Responses to “Who’s afraid of the Union bogeyman?”

  1. Chris Carlaw Says:

    Hi Tim,

    Its interesting the general consensus of the perception of unions. To most, people like to have the backup of a union which helps them with any disputes in the workforce. Take the teenage workers of chillis in Wollongong for example. Who was looking after them?

    Yes your right, I dont think this angle is working well for the PM. I do think the recent comments labelling ‘Rudd as a christmas present that you cant give back’ and ‘change for the sake of change’ will sway some voters though.

  2. Tim Says:

    You’re absolutely right chris. Unions are undoubtedly a force for good. Most bosses are great. But howard’s attempt to desptroy them all together is a reflection of his extreme ideological views

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