Voters Restore Balance

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Today voters restored the political balance in this country.  They rejected Howard’s extremism, fear-mongery, lies and cynicism.  Today is a day for great celebrations.  Read more of my piece at


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4 Responses to “Voters Restore Balance”

  1. Orin Says:

    How awesome was Saturday night? I wouldn’t say it was worth waiting 11 years for, but damn watching the rodent lose Bennelong made for one of the best nights of my life.

  2. Orin Says:

    Of course one problem with the idea that “balance” has been restored is that we now have on party in control all across the board. Even though (from my perspective) the party in control are the “good guys” is it actually balanced? Will things “swing too far the other way”.

    Power corrupts even the noblest of hearts.

  3. Tim Says:

    Howard has always said he was the most conservative leader the Liberal party has ever had. He was an extremist. the labor party, orin, is now so far to the centre i think there is no room from extremism from them, rudd is too cautious.

  4. Tim Says:

    i suppose what i’m saying is if howard had had any more time in power he would have done so much damage to our political equilibrium we would never have been able to get it back. If that hasn’t already happened….

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