My Tony Abbott mystery

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A curious thing happens to me whenever I get together with former Liberal Party leadership aspirant Tony Abbott. I get these weird nasty emails. It’s very curious. Let me tell you about it…

P.S.  Political gossip site Crikey were just on the blower (Noon Friday the 30th) ‘cos they want to reprint my Abbott piece, so it must be real important.  All the more reason to go read it. Now.


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6 Responses to “My Tony Abbott mystery”

  1. Gary Wadsworth Says:

    that is weird, he is a bit of a kook though – i’d completely believe it was him – very interesting story tim…keep it up

  2. Fiona Bolton Says:

    I think at least he is interesting – most pollies are as uninteresting as a dry bit of toast…

  3. Chris Carlaw Says:

    Yeah shit happens

  4. Tim Says:

    Oh quick update on this story – the dude ‘Lucky Jim’ has changed his log on to ‘Simon’, not sure why. I emailed him a link to the yarn and suggested in all fairness I should have given him a by-line. He took over a week to respond and simply corrected my spelling of ‘by line’.

  5. Tim Says:

    He also accused me of being a ‘whackchop conspiracy theorist’. I know it’s the ultimate in pedantry to pull someone up on spelling etc and it is especially frowned upon on the internet where meaning rather than spelling should be the focus of discussion (it’s just that old debaters trick of focusing on one bit of their argument you can attack or one small mistake they’ve made rather than their substantive argument)…….BUT….isn’t ‘whackjob’ the more common expression?

  6. Tim Says:

    Come to think of it though strike that from the record – i celebrate ‘Simon’s’ attempt to bring in ‘whackchop’. I’m going to use it in a sentence to perpetuate it’s usage – ‘people who hide behind their anonymity and send nasty little emails to people are whackchops'(tim brunero, 8/12/’07)

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