Bingo: End of an Era

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We’ve had some laughs. And some tears as well. We’ve had people stripping off, we’ve had meat trays, we’ve had singing competitions and more than once I’ve fallen off my chair. But all good things must come to an end, and so too Monday Night Bingo at The Royal. Unfortunately the day my flatmate brought his camera numbers were a little down. But no matter, we know how great it really was. Big thanks to Ben ‘the beard’ Davies for doing up this little vid.

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Having trouble playing this?  Here’s a link to its YouTube page. 

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5 Responses to “Bingo: End of an Era”

  1. rebecca and caz Says:

    Was wondering if this is your girlfriend by any chance, or if she is one of your Sydney gang..
    Ps/ your hair is nice and very buoyant

  2. Natalie Brown Says:

    Great singing voice Tim!! Very funny clip…looks like you had a few beers by the end of the night!

  3. Tim Says:

    Thanks nat – how good bingo is usually depends on how many super dry’s i’ve had (not on the new’s now because of what they were doing to my belly).

  4. Tim Says:

    Hi Bec and Caz. Um…she’s a little earnest…and what’s with the side on thing?…..nice point of difference though…i think we should date…i’m sure her partner won’t mind…

  5. Tim Says:

    Oh BTW – have you seen the BB audition video in which i cameo? it’s here

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