Telemarketers: The best form of defence is attack

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Working in a call centre is not fun, I know – I’ve done it myself. But spam calls from telemarketers have started to really get up my nose lately. The sheer volume.

You know the drill. You’ve got the day off, you’re woken by the phone at 9.30am and you go bounding down the hall in your underpants. You’re sleepy, but happy in the knowledge that someone cares enough to call – only to discover it’s someone reading off a script in broken English with the unmistakeable battery chicken backing track of a massive call centre. But I have a solution…why not read on by clicking here…it’s kind of like a choose your own adventure book.

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5 Responses to “Telemarketers: The best form of defence is attack”

  1. Frankfurt Says:

    your email inbox is full 🙂 can you please take your rubbish out so i can contact you

  2. Tim Says:

    What are you talking about – email me at

  3. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    Good story, I’ve always enjoyed annoying the telemarketers. Except once when they turned up at my house and tried to guilt trip me into burning dinner.

    Oh and Tim, if my singing was anything like your photo acting…

  4. Tim Says:

    But i did a 3 week NIDA photo acting course last summer. That’s another $1500 I won’t see again.

  5. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    Clearly NIDA can’t help you. It must be all that Big Brother training you’ve had.

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