Housemates Wanted: My 2008 Big Brother picks

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Hands up who’s excited about Big Brother’s ‘open source’ auditions for 2008?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well over at BB HQ they’re taking ‘user generated content’ to a whole new level by letting the public decide who goes into next year’s house.

Those auditioning submit a short video and punters vote on them. But what if you’re too busy with your hand up a Christmas Turkey to go over to to sort the wheat from the chaff? Well you don’t need to. I’ve done the hard work for you by picking out my Top 10, (like you couldn’t see that coming.) Check them out here.


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9 Responses to “Housemates Wanted: My 2008 Big Brother picks”

  1. Fiona Bolton Says:

    Great pics – i really like hte last girl who jumps off the cliff…she’s fun and not too girly….she’ll be great if she gets on…

  2. Fiona Bolton Says:

    That josh guy was alright too…

  3. Tim Says:

    I actually really like the Monique and Carl, I reckon they’d bring something really interesting to the house – something new. How ‘user friendly’ it would be for the target audience is another matter.

  4. Tim Says:

    But I like them. And Amie Jane, she’s fanstastic. Really like her vibe.

  5. Tad Says:

    Id be intrigued to see Em in the house, havnt seen a girl like her in the house before, could be refreshing.
    Also like the Arse Burger guy, another refreshing personality type.
    Interesting diverse bunch you have chosen there Tim

  6. Tim Says:

    Yeah both of them would be refreshing tad, but keep looking over at and tell me if you find some other good picks. the audition process is still open so there should be more vids rolling in all the time.

  7. Tim Says:

    Just leave me a message here – it’s hard to keep track of all the goodies…or email me at

  8. Jason Says:

    Good picks mate. This makes for some interesting reading:

  9. Tim Says:

    YEah had a read – some interesting observations. I liked Jeremy – who I hadn’t seen before. Andrew was….well he was ok…

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