Another Enron? Iemma gives corporate cowboys the power

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Want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs so no-one notices? Why not try doing it at Christmas when everyone’s preoccupied with turkeys, lamb roasts and freshly shucked oysters?
Enter State Treasurer Michael Costa and his ham-fisted attempt to sell off our state’s electricity system under the cover of yuletide. It actually beggar’s belief given the numerous well-documented failures of public sell off’s of essential services. Look no further than the failure of Enron, America’s biggest corporate collapse. Their corporate cowboyery is now famous – honcho’s ringing their power station supervisors and ordering them to shut down supply. Is that really what we want happening with our essential services? A good question. But I have another for you…want to keep reading more of my guff on the sexy subject of NSW’s power system? Well check it out here, don’t be shy.

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4 Responses to “Another Enron? Iemma gives corporate cowboys the power”

  1. Fiona Bolton Says:

    It really worries me when we sell off these assets – and even more so when they try and push it through so no-one notices. thanks for noticing.

  2. Fiona Bolton Says:

    Oh and I might say i think the labor party has to have the courage to bring to the country to the left – that’s why you have political collateral – to spend it on dong what’s right….

  3. Tim Says:

    Fiona it’s really just silly. You don’t run things buy selling them off when the job gets tough. Anyway, have a great Chrissie

  4. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    This is a really good story. I really hated moving to QLD and having a privately owned electricity company go one step further than telemarketing, actually hassling me at my house. Looks like Iemma et al have kept missing people like that, hey.

    Also, I didn’t want to post this at livenews, but I think the 3rd par has a typo – “It actually beggars belief given the numerous well-documented failures…” sounded like maybe the “it” should have an “s” or the “beggars” might be “begs”. Or is tone-deafness interfering in my interpretation? Not sure, but I thought you could clear that up for me either way, right?

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