Animal activists should cull the bull

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There’s one group of animals which could do with a good controlled cull. Animal activists.  A recent protest outside Sydney’s Japanese consulate under the slogan ‘Japan slaughters whales – Australia slaughters Kangaroos – What’s the bloody difference?’ only further underlines the naivety and emotionalism which underpins their cause.  Of course, the best answer to their question is: What are the bloody similarities?  Anyway, before you shoot me down on this one, at least read what I have to say.


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5 Responses to “Animal activists should cull the bull”

  1. Henry Burgmann Says:

    I actually have to agree with you here Tim. Growing up in a small regional area where the abattoirs employs half of the town and with mates always going out shooting and most living on farms I guess it was built into me that animals are there to be eaten. In regards to roo meat I switched to it a few years back and have been eating it ever since I eat it more than any other meat way more people should jump on that wagon.

  2. Tim Says:

    I just think it’s better to eat meat which at least has a less detrimental affect on the environment than beef etc. If the animal liberationists want people to eat less meat, they should say that – not simply press emotional buttons.

  3. Tim Says:

    I think Roos do much less damage to the environment Henry and we should make an effort to eat them as opposed to beef.

  4. Tim Says:

    Good on you by the way for getting into it yourself. Do you butcher your own meat?

  5. Henry Burgmann Says:

    Nah no way I’ve got freinds on farms back home that eat their own cattle but I don’t think I could handle seeing the whole process I just prefer to look at the final product.

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