Why four wheel drives must die

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Four wheel drives are just dumb. Not because you only ever seem to see them being driven to the local shops by suburban housewives to pick up two kilos of groceries. And not because they block your view of an entire hemisphere whenever they sidle up next to you at the lights.

They’re dumb because people buy them for only one reason: vanity. What kind of person swans around in a specialized truck that they’ll never use for its intended purpose? It’s like buying a bookshelf and chopping it up for firewood. You know you want to know more…so why not click here.

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16 Responses to “Why four wheel drives must die”

  1. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    Tim, I thought this comment might get lost over at livenews.com (you really know how to get those comments, huh). Re “specialised”, unfortunately more and more often I notice “z” where there should be “s”. I hope it didn’t seem pedantic of me, I just think that it’s nice if writers can set an example for everyone else, especially when spell check’s often don’t (and I know how easy it is to get carried away with the message and accidentally miss any mistakes, as annoying as it may be to have people like me point it out). And the “s” looks nicer too. Thanks though, for getting that changed.

  2. Freak Says:

    Yup only certain types of people buy these i recon.
    1st is the MALE who thinks oneday he will drop everything and go on an adventure or when a H-Bomb goes off he will be all set to scower the terrain in his 4×4
    2nd is the FEMALE who thinks shes ontop of the world she thinks she owns u and the road, she will tailgate u and come near ramming u off the road to prove she loves to be ontop
    What realy gets me is the clean ones, the ones that have never seen dirt in there life. oh yeh what about the porsche 4×4, yeh like ur gonna take that offroad, get a dent and costs u a few grand

  3. Tim Says:

    My pleasure. I’m so pedantic on it myself. Especially given that half the time it’s an ‘English (US)’ spell check anyway.

  4. Tim Says:

    And the ‘z’ does look weird – americans try so hard to be different and noticed and different. Very un-British – ‘s’ is so much more dignified. 😉

  5. Tim Says:

    It’s just a shame, it’s just silly. Why bother having such a car? Spend the money on something useful like a first editon of Catch-22 or something.

  6. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    At least when your work’s published online you can get it changed, right? I can’t think of much worse than having something printed THEN noticing a spelling mistake. But “z” is the thing that frustrates me the most because so many people don’t even realise they’re spelling a word wrong.

  7. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    Re your last comment about 4WDs – see the problem with a whole bunch of potential 4WD buyers going and getting Catch-22 instead is that they may be the type of people who are easily influenced (hence them thinking about buying a road beast). So then you might end up writing an article about people sitting in trees not wearing much, or sticking crab apples/chestnuts inside their cheeks 😉

  8. Tim Says:

    love it. stop making me laugh. i’m meant to be working

  9. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    Well maybe you should create a job which requires you to laugh a lot? How about a Clown Critiquer? Oh wait, you kinda already do that, don’t you? 😉

    But on a more serious note, I recently had the good fortune to see a Stretch 4WD. Quite possibly the most practical car I’ve ever seen (and I could have sworn the driver had something on the inside of his cheeks).

  10. Tim Says:

    oh amy, i think i love you…;-)

  11. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    It’s my stern seriousness, isn’t it Tim?

  12. Tim Says:

    and the rest – hey move up to a more recent thread – you’re getting lost back here…

  13. Tim Says:

    There’s a guy on the howard racism story i’m going to engage with now amy, come and watcht the show

  14. Tim Says:

    Are you aware you have no google presence?

  15. Tim Says:

    And you don’t yak to me at LIVENEWS.com.au any more? Why dat?

  16. Amy Bradney-George Says:

    No “google presence”? Is that what journalists and opinion writers are supposed to say to show how concerned they are with the world they work in Tim? 😉

    As for livenews, I’ve been working too much to find the agenda-driven soapbox comments that follow any number of articles there a little bit irritating. Even more so when people use my comments as a way to push their own perspectives, or they don’t get my humour.

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