What I’ve learnt from Scientology

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Scientologists are nuts. A couple of years ago I did an article in The Chaser on them and I copped an eleven page letter and months of phone calls. I’d gone to their Castlereagh St church and done their free personality and IQ tests.

It was hilarious. The building was so dated; gaudy displays and testimonials by Kate Ceberano mounted on kitsch wooden panelling lined the rooms – it looked like it hadn’t been decorated since the late 1960s.  The personality test itself was copyrighted to ‘The Religious Technology Center, 1960’. The 200 questions were hilarious: “Do you browse railway timetables for fun? Do you get unexplained muscle spasms? Do you ever turn up the volume of emotion to create effect? Are you a slow eater?? Anyway…Do you want to know who Xenu is?…Do you want to see footage of last Sunday’s protest against the church?…Want to hear an interview I did with Aussie Scientologist Virginia Stewart…well read on.

P.S. For those extra keen, here’s a news report I wrote about Sunday’s protest – there’s a few extra pics there.

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15 Responses to “What I’ve learnt from Scientology”

  1. random Says:

    Hmmm as a member of the current group fighting Scientology I’m somewhat disturbed by your article..
    You see we don’t have any problem with the beliefs of Scientology, people are free to choose whatever belief they want. It’s the organization that runs Scientology and their illegal activities and business that we are opposed to.
    The opening statement of your article could be considered religious bigotry and laughing at their religious practises the same.
    It would be nice if more of the media and journalists, including yourself, paid more attention to the documents we have leaked on Operation Snow white and Lisa McPherson and raised awareness to these kind of illegal activities of the Church, rather than talking about their personal beliefs.

  2. rob darby Says:

    open your eyes to the dangers of scientology
    and have a laugh at the same time

  3. Tim Says:

    All I can really say to you is…point taken. You’re quite right. In fact someone at LIVENEWS.com.au made that point to me the other day. I suppose I was just trying to get people in – get them interested. But I totally here you.

  4. Tim Says:

    I suppose the other thing is alot of people come from the perspective that all religion is nonsense…so when they see a religion which appears to be especiall kooky they simply think the people are completely mad.

  5. Tim Says:

    I think in some ways religion is like anything – if consumed uncritically it is useless. You have to engage with the texts and teachings and ‘remix’ them so they fit with you…I’m not sure how many religions are into that.

  6. Tim Says:

    Because surely any religion is just a vehicle, a conduit, a way into looking into your own soul, into looking into the human condition. Not a rigid structure of rules and beliefs that you simply submit to or consume passively like a baby happily wrapped up in swaddling rags.

  7. Tim Says:

    I fear many people look at religion as a pair of intellectual crutches.

  8. random Says:

    Well I personally dislike all religion, and it’s true a religions origins give you an insight into it’s purpose, and considering LR Hubbard created the religion to make money it can certainly make one question the religion itself.. But I suppose if we wish to live in a free country we must allow people to believe whatever they wish, what NEEDS to be done with Scientology however is the removal of their tax exempt status.
    The belief is fine, but the institute does not act as a religion, they charge for spiritual advancement and use terrible methods to silence opposition, while they act as a business they pay no tax, I’d love if the media paid more attention to this important fact.

  9. Tim Says:

    Well from a PR point of view that probably needs to be what anti-Scientology camapaigners focus on…the tax thing…your message is getting confused as just Scientologist…discipline may be required…and a letter/petition campaign on this topic alone…

  10. random Says:

    Well the unfortunate nature of Anonymous is it’s lack of structure and the fact there are no spokespersons for it, but the media tends to be uninformed band wagon riders when it comes to issue and actually spend little time researching what they report on..
    Being a part of this movement and seeing the media reports has proven this for me.

  11. Tim Says:

    You have to focus you campaign instead of whinging about the media’s short attention span. Maybe you should write and article yourself, or start blogging…I mean you’ve already started here on this site…

  12. random Says:

    Offering me a job Tim?

  13. Tim Says:

    If you’re good… 😉

  14. random Says:

    That depends on what you require haha.. I’m not good at writing about TV gossip =(

  15. Jonez Says:

    Regardless of how ‘funny’ Scientology is – and it IS funny at times, after all we’ve seen Tom’s mystifying stares into the distance while he tries to channel Xenu himself, it does scare me. Maybe I just ‘believe the hype’ too much, but I consider Tom & Co to be dangerous people, with an aggressive agenda to expand their religion. How successful they are depends on how dumb their targets are.

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