Close encounters with a people’s President

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Unsurprisingly, given his reputation, I meet Jose Ramos Horta through an attractive young woman. I was desperately running around the lobby of the Hotel Timor, one of the only air-conditioned buildings in Dili, trying to scrounge an interview. I was meant to have been talking to Xanana Gusmao, but he’d cancelled. So here I was scooting between tables in the café asking everyone if they knew Ramos Horta, Mari Alkatiri, anyone, I would have interviewed the deputy health minister. It was a pretty desperate mission, I was only in the country for another day, and that was a public holiday. Then out of nowhere a gorgeous woman with a thick American twang tapped me on the shoulder and said…something really interesting…but you’ll never know unless you click here to go on reading. P.S. Oh, there’s the brief interview I did with the the great man too, plus a yak I had with veteran journo Wilson da Silva who knows him well.


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