‘Chopper’ Rudd cuts just for fun

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Kevin Rudd wants us all to think he’s something like Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd in The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He wants us to believe he’s disembowelling Howard government waste, slashing the throat of bureaucratic duplication and mercilessly scalping his own ministers’ requests for money. Not that he’s not, but as the leader of a Labor government, politically, it’s important we damn well know it. What he definitely doesn’t want is…well…well you’ll have to click here to find out

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8 Responses to “‘Chopper’ Rudd cuts just for fun”

  1. Amy Says:

    Watch out John Howard: The Cabaret, there’s a new stage show threat – Kevin Rudd: The Musicale Noir…

  2. Tim Says:

    I can see it now – with Gillard the now confirmed hottie – prompting from the wings…

  3. Amy Says:

    And Rudd’s nemesis being Howard, the insidious antagonist whose legacy Rudd and Gillard can’t or won’t seem to escape. Songs and choreography by Garrett to accompany the dark drama. SELLING OUT FAST (find the irony in that Tim).

  4. Tim Says:

    Oh Amy that’s a little pessimistic…they’ll get there…it’s only been a few months…

  5. Amy Says:

    Is it pessimistic? Or is that what you’re inferring?

    I almost wish Rudd would sell our when it comes to the tax cuts, but otherwise I really do think he’s doing the best he can. Politics is never black and white and politicians are such easy targets in the realm of satire or opinion(don’t tell me you don’t know that Tim).

  6. Tim Says:

    It’s very easy to sit on the sidelines and snipe. The greens, newspaper columnists, talkback hosts and other commentators do it for a living. It’s very different having to ACTUALLY DO something about the problems.

  7. Amy Says:

    I just don’t think it’s called the “Fourth Estate” because it’s an easy job. True, plenty of the people doling out criticism have little idea of how hard the jobs they critique would actually be, but by questioning what is being done they are making sure the people in power consider what they are doing. And that is DOING something, even if it might seem less proactive than signing petitions or joining strikes. It all adds up. Otherwise what is the point in having an opposition? Or the media (albeit a possibly dying media)? Or protestors? I don’t think you can get rid of them to make the world a better place (well, not all of them anyway).

  8. Tim Says:

    Yes you get no argument from me there. Although i think money, big business and political expediency will always win out against protests or the 4th estate. But you’re quite right – it’s the people who spend their whole career in telling everyone else how to do their jobs i was referring to – without ever having to go to the trouble of being in their shoes.

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