Message to Alicia Keys: Find the right conspiracy

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There’s no problem with Grammy award winning soul singer Alicia Keys believing bizarre conspiracy theories – it’s just she believes in all the wrong ones. And there are lots of weird ones out there; from Scientology (psychiatrists are sex-offending dope dealers) to Moonwalk landing sceptics (it was all filmed in a studio) to the people who believe the world is controlled by the masons. But why did she have to pick up one she saw in a movie?  This nonsense about the US government killing tupac… Click HERE to read on.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I honestly wonder whether some people know what “critical thinking” is. It sounds like Keys has been fed some information and based her opinions on them without considering what’s outside the square.
    Not that I’m particularly interested in Keys, but I do think that’s an angle which hasn’t had much discussion so far.

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