Is Corey on BB child abuse?

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The ‘controversy’ over Corey Worthington being put in the Big Brother house has continued to bubble after a Melbourne child psychologist claimed on Tuesday it was child abuse. Seriously people, this is a kid’s TV show, can everyone please take a deep breath? This ‘our young people are being corrupted’ line is about as old as Methuselah. This is the kind of thing they… click HERE to keep reading – and to hear me sparing with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on the issue.

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7 Responses to “Is Corey on BB child abuse?”

  1. Allison Says:

    Adree corey shound be in a mentaik hospital than on tx. thats how cazzy that kid is. don’t know what BB is thinking.

  2. Tim Says:

    a point well made.

  3. Tim Says:

    we were all thinking it allison.

  4. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    His mindset is probably similar to that of other normal 17 year olds. In his head his opinions and ideologies probably make perfect sense and are very valid…that is until he is presented with alternatives. When literally confronted (not metaphorically – he was locked inside a house and forced to consider other people’s ways of being) by people with ideologies, cultures and ways of life that are dramatically different to his own, there is nothing to do but consider that everyone else’s reality could be plausible too – not necessarily ‘right’ or ‘true’ but plausible. To acknowledge that they exist outside of his own. While Corey’s reality and being matter very much to him and is ‘right’ within his (and his family’s)opinions and values, he may have realized that everyone’s ‘meaning’ to their own life is what they make it. It is right to them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone else has to consider it correct also.

    This goes for Corey, his family, the other BB house mates, the media and everyone making judgments on the sanity of the producers, of Corey and of his parents. We do not have to take on/live/adopt the reality or beliefs of other people, but it is a humbling experience to understand that there are others in this world and every person has their own, individual meaning to their own life and how they go about living it. Putting Corey in the house has consequences – both good and bad – which would have been considered before he went in. Now it is a case of accepting that every action has a consequence (good = $$, bad = possible unwanted media attention)and for us not to knock each other for the way we choose to be.

    Probably a bit too Existential, yes? My apologies. In fact, I am not sure if I even made any sense to anyone but myself (hence backing up my claim that my ‘reality’ is valid in my life, but it is also valid for no one else to consider it).

    This girl is off to bed after all that!

  5. Tim Says:

    Yeah Pickle i love it….you proved your own argument….lol

  6. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Well if there was anyone on this Earth who could argue with themselves, it would be a blonde. An Existential blonde, at that.

    Anyway Corey is gone now and no doubt the media will find something else to grill BB for. Hypothetically, I wonder if it comes down to Dixie and Terri at the finals and the public votes Terri as a winner, the media will acuse ‘us’ of being nationalistic Anglo pigs?

    Not that a housemate’s indivudal cultures or colour of their skin should be a valid reason for voting them in/out/popular/unpopular but I think the majority of us are aware that there are parts of this country still choc full of ugly prejudies.

    It could even be argued that voting an indivdual with a silicon chest popular (let’s say oh…Bridgette) and someone with a natural but less shapely chest (let’s say oh…Alice) unpopular simply becuase the huge melons act as early-timeslot soft porn making BB nicer for some to watch, is the same type of prejudice.

    This also raises the question of how people are watching BB and why. Is it just a bunch of pervy bogans voting to keep the most attractive ones in or are there people out there truly interested in viewing it as a microcosm of society or a social/cultural/psychological milkshake where we slowly watch these ‘lab rats’ go mad, or, in some cases, scheme wonderful or dubious plans for the expulsion or inclusion of their fellow house mates? We are apparently “pack animals”, but how far can that be stretched?

    Let’s lock 60-odd people in the house and see. Pick them off the streets. From 2010 onwards, our birthday will be drawn out of a lottery barrel and once we are drafted, we have no choice but to enter the BB house for that season.

    Bizarre shit….but I have a bizarre logic.

    It’s clear that I am spending too much time on here and not enough time actually working. Back to work.

  7. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Yeah I might talk shit and wear my pseudo-intellectual glasses but at least I READ the books I pose around.

    Socrates, Bianca? Feel free to come over and explain to me the subtle differences between Platonioc and Socratic Epistemology anytime after you get out of the house. And, apparently, just becuase I am a few years older than you I get to boss you around like I know everything, just as you did to poor old Corey.

    This comment really doesn’t belong here – it’s more of a response to Big Mouth and Bianca. A bit scathing and feel free to move it elsewhere.

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