An open letter to Ralph magazine

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Dear Ralph,
As a long term Ralph subscriber I was shocked to read recently I was voted by the magazine as the biggest of all tools to have entered the Big Brother house. No mean feat when you consider there have been over 120 contestants on the show. While happy to concede to my general tooliness in any forum, against such stiff competition I do feel a little hard done by. The article was specific about some of my shortfalls, namely that on the show I “blabbed on endlessly about politics” in the hope “uni chicks” would give me “a polish after eviction” and that my… click HERE to read on.

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2 Responses to “An open letter to Ralph magazine”

  1. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Well you did agree to that photograph…

  2. Tim Says:

    I know… what was I thinking? We were young… and the world was different then…

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