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We have to start with Bianca’s Bluff.  Cos it impressed me greatly. Basicly she went into BB and asked if she could keep the two grand he’d left in the kitchen but which they weren’t supposed to notice. He wanted to ask how she felt about failing the task.  And she said something ingenious – she said “But we’ve failed it anyway”.  Great point Bianca, and BB had nothing.  If only she’d followed it through and kept the dosh – because in the face of disobedience BB actually can’t do anything.  If the… click HERE to read on.

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  1. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Terrence seems to be showing off simply for the attention. When I used to work as a brothel receptionist we used to get this type of guy in often – they just want someone to ntoice them. It’s highly irritating. Sometimes, when put into a situation people are a little nervous about being in – they turn to “cockhead mode”, and do and say annnoying shit just to be noticed.

    Just like what I do here, you could say?

    You have written better, Timmy, but I guess we all need to do something for cash.

  2. Tim Says:

    Well I was laughing out aloud until the bold bit – sorry to disappoint, I suppose every piece one writes can’t be dripping from a golden pen. Good one with Terrance though – interesting insight. (Or was the jibe about me an extension of the metaphor of wanting attention – in that case well cockheaded)

  3. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Bold not meant to be bold. Another example of my fan-fucking-tasic html skills

    I agree with you though – you didn’t disappoint me at all. We can’t all go around writing magic amazing literature. We all know I don’t! Different strokes for different folks, my sweet.

    Don’t laugh at my brothel reception job! It kept me in two minute noodles and text books during my undergrad degree.

    I remember mentioning wanting to vomit when seeing Brigette talk in a previous comment. Please, give me Brigette any day over Terrence. Speedos up a fifty-something’s ass is not the most wholesome television I could be watching on a weeknight. However I don’t usually get around to the 7pm daily show every night and I am really only watching Big Mouth for one reason.

    All writers want attention and to be noticed – otherwise we would not write – and whether or not writers are cockheads is a matter of opinion. My boss asked a theatre company for tickets to review their show last week. They wouldn’t give them to me becuase I bagged their last performance! So I guess that makes me one of the cockheads. Sometimes we churn out words becuase we want to, sometimes becuase we have an honest and (maybe) valid opinion and sometimes we churn out words becuase we are under contract to do so.

    You’d never disappoint me Timmy.


  4. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Rhianna voices the thoughts of many:
    “I don’t like how Brigette doesn’t understand anything”


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