Big Brother: how to play the game

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My Big Brother adventure began late one afternoon as I meandered through my old university on a public holiday. I noticed some plastic barriers outside one of the buildings – curious, I went inside. Later, I learnt I was the last of 35,000 people to audition. Unprepared but relaxed, I breezed through the early auditions. In the final round, I was overt about my left-wing politics. Why? Even I, a reality TV novice, realised that you have to pigeonhole yourself a bit. Give the producers a brand – not squawk about wanting to “grow as a person” or… click HERE to read on.

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7 Responses to “Big Brother: how to play the game”

  1. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Stop looking straight down the camera when you do Big Mouth. Or else!

  2. Tim Says:

    but everyone else does it… why can’t eye (boom boom)…

  3. Tim Says:

    hey seriously i thought it looked ok – is it a big no no?

  4. Tim Says:

    oh BTW thanks for sticking up for me over at i appreciate it muchly…

  5. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Oh, Livenews…just a bit of silliness from me. Was nasty of me which I don’t like but closed minds rub me the wrong way.

    Looking down the camera. No it’s fine. It’s very fine. I melt every time you do it. *sigh*

    Oh boom boom Basil Brush. You’re lucky I’m a girl who tolerates bad jokes.

    Anyway I am procrastinating…I in the middle of a column pitch. The editor wants to know: do I want to write with a psuedonym or my real name? I don’t know! It’s a minor issue anyway. Finish pitch first! Argh!

    Also trying to find affordable flights to Melbourne/Sydney (can’t decide which exhibiton I prefer) to do a uni assignment. Yes really, I’m going all that way for an assignment. Another reason Perth somewhat sucks…no resources.

  6. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    That wasn’t a sad sigh, or an adoring sigh, it was a you-have-such-nice-eyes-why-are-mine-always-a-becomming-shade-of-duck-poo? type of sigh.
    Duck poo eyes 🙁

  7. Tim Says:

    oh – i stopped doing in yesterday because of what you said – i’ll have to start again.

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