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So Nobbi started as my favourite. But he’s lost me. Not for the bullying, but for what he’s started doing to Terrance. Basicly he’s decided Terrance waffles on too much so when he speaks to him he just talks back in gibberish. In a house where boredom is your biggest enemy Terrance will start a conversation and Nobbi will say “Kevin Spacey told Winston Churchill he had eyeballs in the back of his head”. Now to start off with it’s not even funny, Nobbi pulls it off really badly and everyone in the vicinity just cringes or walks away. Second it’s just bastardisation. He’s not doing it generously, warmly… click HERE to read on.

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  1. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Watching the housemates get their messages and the following reactions, I was interested by Terrence’s distress. It was my belief that he has suddenly realised the consequences that go with his actions in the house to this point. Instead of going in trying to be something shocking, or fun, or stimulating (which I think the housemates agree he is not anyway), he probably should have gone in and just been “himself” (although this directly contradicts ‘playing the game’). I felt sad that he had to learn these consequences the hard way, but he did have to learn.

    Never having been in the BB house I cannot say whether or not this is true, but I would guess that it is quite easy to forget that your loved ones are out there watching you do stupid stuff?

  2. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Brigette’s birthday party looks like a Care Bear vomited Grenadine everywhere. 21…12…maybe she got the numbers mixed up…
    I’m glad she’s feeling happier ( = less pain for viewers) but not sure she deserves all the attention after she has been fishing for it for so long.
    haha I’m nasty 🙁

  3. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Will she shit rainbows and glitter after this???

  4. Tim Says:

    You make me laugh. Oh just on Terrance crying about his wife was not in his message – I learnt behind the scenes yesterday that BB had asked that it just be her sons. So it wasn’t that she didn’t want to be in it at all…

  5. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Very good. What type of ignorant world would we be living in if we didn’t think BB/Ch 10 edited to make a better show and lift ratings? Certinally got a response.

  6. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    My spelling is shocking 🙁

  7. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    I make you laugh? Sorry. I’ll try not to in future.

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