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I know in the house there were the people I knew I had to beat to win and there were the people who I wanted to beat for personal satisfaction. I knew Vesna and Logan Greg were the greatest threats – but on a personal level I wanted to beat Dean and Kate. So would Ben and Alice – they would know Brigitte, Travis and Terri are the main threats. They want to win – but they would almost settle for beating each other. If you asked them if they’d rather win and get nothing or come second to each other but win the $250,000 – they’d say come second – but they’d have to stop and think about it first.  Click HERE to read on…

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  1. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    Hmm…that picture of Bianca. Is anyone finding her breasts NOT erotic? They are getting a little grotesque. I understand that they are natural and she can’t help how big they are but I’m a G cup and know how hard they are to manipulate,hold up, dress,run with,find tops that fit them that aren’t 5 sizes too big in the waist (the fashion industry thinks if you have big breasts you’re big everywhere) and I very much understand the love-hate relationship she has with them but for goodness sake, stop flashing them around! Wear things that cover them…they make your head look completely out of proportion!:-)

  2. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    wait…some of the above ^ doesn’t make sense and was possibly the longest sentence ever! Myeh…too tired to care…zzz…

  3. Flashy Says:

    If Bianca’s breasts intimidate both women and men, imagine being in a close relationship with her. If you didn’t pay attention to them she might be offended, but if you ignored them for her other assets, there would be problems.
    I say just enjoy them, Bianca the person comes second.

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