Livers of Australia rejoice! It’s Dry July

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There’s just so many of them. Red nose day, yellow daffodil week, library lovers’ month, find a lost daughter quarter… Everywhere you turn, almost ever fortnight there’s some kind of wacky, zany charity event. They blur into each other. I’ve just switched off. That is until Dry July came along. Here’s something I can believe in. Something for people aged between 20 and 40, especially single ones like me, who seem to drink their own body weight in… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the video.

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3 Responses to “Livers of Australia rejoice! It’s Dry July”

  1. Nat B Says:

    Hey Tim..I wanted to hear an update on how your ‘Dry July’ was..Did you make it??? Do tell all about it please…

  2. Tim Says:

    in a word… no. i have however not drunk for three nights in preparation for this sunday’s city to surf… unfortunately that’s a pretty big achievement for me.

  3. Nat B Says: was a very ambitious plan I thought. I know I couldn’t do it..and hey 3 days would be a big achievement for me too! A bit sad aren’t we, but hey life is for having fun right, and I did read an article by another journalist who said it was the most boring month of his maybe you have the right idea. I dare not ask how long you did last. Good luck in the City to Surf…I walked it several years ago and it was great! Some great pubs in Bondi for a tipple once you’re done 😉

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