What happens to Big Brother housemates?

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Big Brother housemates – you saw them arrive blinking and bewildered into the celebrity world only a few short months ago, you watched them grow, you watched them change, you watched them cry, you watched them want to punch the eternally irritating Travis in the face. And then you watched them get booted unceremoniously from the show.  But what then?  What happens after that?  Well they, like their second cousins from Australian Idol and The Biggest Loser will need to deal with being famous – or at least notorious.  They’ll have to learn how to give everyone that cares to stop them in the street two minutes of sunshine – whether they’re… click HERE to read more.

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2 Responses to “What happens to Big Brother housemates?”

  1. Flashy Says:

    I have watched BB since it’s inception and have enjoyed the improved internet “Live streaming”. Initially the crossover from Optus to Telstra was very slow due to unprecedented traffic, but that improved over time. The content was wonderful and selection of contestants achieved a good representation of the general populace. However this year due to unnecessary attacks from political figures, who obviously never watched the show was a loser. Plagued by media stories, the show’s selection of contestants fell to an all time low. Soon as I saw a 52 year old as a contestant I decided not to renew my membership for this year. Such interesting people in the past made the show, especially the girls with fabulous assets, even the guys were smart. Unfortunately grandmothers and misfits (no name) made this years show a joke. Come on BB lets go back to the old format, bring back some characters with lots of comedy and colour. The presenters on the daily TV show sunk to a new low with the expressionless Sandilands looking like a zhombie, he may have the patter from a radio jock, but he doesn’t have any prescence on stage. Just like this year’s BB, he sounds so immature, the voice is all wrong and he has no quick wit in dealing with the housemates. What they need is an older comedian as BB with some nous. Cheers from dullsville (Perth)

  2. Pickle Thompson Thiele Says:

    You said it, Flashy. Perth = dullsville.

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