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So the time’s come to farewell another season of BB.  Except this time it may be the last.  Let’s have a look back on this season… Well, it all started before it started.  No more Gretel and lots more Kyle and Jackie O, No more Uplate but lots more Big Mouth, housemates were gunna get picked off the internet, there’d be no farmyard or pool but there would be one big bed.  Then it was on – all the HM’s gave up a prized possession for no apparent reason, there was a little person, and she was tiny, there was an old person, and she was old beyond her years.  She got booted – and then banished the only Asian into the backyard – and then came back.  Rima broke her leg.  Then it all started to blur – a party brat was de-sunglassed and… click HERE to read on.

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