Sin returns to Sydney at Sexpo

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With World Youth Day over and done with, it’s time for topless pole dancing, strip poker and a world record number of female orgasms. Just days after Pope Benedict XVI blessed hundreds of thousands of devoted Catholic pilgrims at Randwick Racecourse, sin has returned to Sydney with Sexpo set to celebrate the city’s carnal side. Organisers of the event, which opened today at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries… click HERE to read on.

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4 Responses to “Sin returns to Sydney at Sexpo”

  1. Flashy Says:

    We are all sinners in the eye of the christian church, ask any believer.
    So an SExpo event is just the ticket for all the pilgrims who linger on.
    The vultures who prey upon those sinners (priests) will no doubt have special screenings just for them. It is nice though, to instruct those who practise the churches outdated moral code regarding populating the world, with all the latest techniques on how to enjoy sex without conception. Creams and toys to thrill the senses beyond all bounds, to experience what all the rest of us have enjoyed all these years. Think now, have pity for all those poor catholic sheep, who in their own way have this fundamental dilemma of wanting to practise safe sex before marriage, but being told sex out of wedlock is a sin. hahaha I say see you all there, and Tim will be there counting us all.

  2. Tim Says:

    nice work flashy. i have no idea what you’re talking about but nice work.

  3. Flashy Says:

    World Youth with the pope attending… Hmmm Tim must have been asleep, all those pilgrims hanging on for the SEx-Po.
    Gee I just looked at Jessica’s nudie piccie, (Veronicas)she has her legs up on the desk, er’ topless in front of a webcam.
    Gee it doesn’t take too much to keep a copy, for future use.
    Poor ignorant gal, as if a past flame would sell such pictures. Hehehe reminds me of Paris Hilton’s tapes, er’ yes I had a copy, but they were so boring, all that slurping and … ooh might get the censor hanging around Timbo’s blog.
    cheers from Dullsville.

  4. Tim Says:

    you’ve topped even yourself this time flashy – and that’s saying something.

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