Singapore sux

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You wouldn’t mind so much if the rulers of Singapore were consistent. If they were hard on drugs but also hard on, say, people who beat their servants to death. Because I just don’t see how 18 years is a fair jail sentence for having a few hits of ice in your pocket and also for torturing and then kicking your servant to death. Call me crazy, but I would have thought one was slightly worse than the other.  In fact, given you are executed if you traffic drugs – I would have thought killing someone with your own hands was kind of worthy of the death penalty. But not so for those wacky Singaporeans… click HERE to read on.

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3 Responses to “Singapore sux”

  1. Flashy Says:

    well they don’t have a Democracy in Singapore, there is only one party. The dictatorship has strict rules for locals, but foreigners are treated as un-believers. So they get stiffer penalties. Just like in Australia where we have special camps to imprison you without trial for as long as the Government likes if you an illegal immigrant . If a resident beats a servant from the Phillipines, well they probably deserved it. Just ask any local who has to put up with the cheap trash servants from third world countries. Of course hard drugs like ICE can’t be taxed so the Singaporean and Australian governments treat it as a threat to all we hold sacred.

  2. Tim Says:

    once again flashy you covered alot of ground. all of it sacred.

  3. Allison Says:

    Singapore sux. it does have a bad name. I really donpt know why people goes there. that is the less place I will ever go to

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