ShineGirl: Hillsong at it again

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Fresh from closing their Gold Coast mental health care facility for young women, where they cured anorexia with exorcisms, they’re now charging public schools to teach troubled girls beauty tips. The program, “ShineGirl”, has Hillsong trying to improve troubled girls self-esteem in prisons and schools by teaching them how to put on make-up, do their hair and nails and walk with books balanced on their heads. But teachers and psychologists have attacked the program, saying it re-enforces gender stereotypes, isn’t being carried out with proper… click HERE to read on.

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4 Responses to “ShineGirl: Hillsong at it again”

  1. amybg Says:

    Interesting article…the fact that they are only focusing on girls is a worry, because I actually think guys can have it a lot harder at school (they’re still expected to be “stronger” and less emotional because of their gender). From a personal perspective, I think a program of applied theatre could be more beneficial, but then, that wouldn’t really be convincing anyone to turn religious, would it?

  2. amybg Says:

    By the way Tim, I noticed in the ninth par you’ve written “most of the facilitators the deliver ‘ShineGirl'”…I think the second “the” should be “that”, right?

    And haven’t you missed my proofing 😉

  3. Tim Says:

    all fixed… what would i do without you. can’t wait till you’re in Sydney so i can thank you in person.

  4. amybg Says:

    Thanks for that Tim…by the way, did you get my email from a week or so ago?
    I’ll just give you a heads up when I’m in Sydney then, shall I?

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