The reds under the bed

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Ranga-phobia, it’s everywhere. Once you dare to open your eyes you see its damaging effects all over our great nation. Take, for example, our political system. Who would have ever dared to think the carrot-topped Pauline Hanson was the victim of racism herself?  No wonder she struck out, like a teased younger brother, at those the antithesis of her hideous casper-like visage. And what about our deputy Prime Minister, that famous fanta-pants, Julia Gillard?  Well, she’s done pretty well, I hear you say.  Yeah, that’s why she’s… click HERE to read  on and to WATCH some funny ranga-centric vids.

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5 Responses to “The reds under the bed”

  1. Flashy Says:

    One Nation, one people, let us all rejoice, redheads are but one facet in our makeup. Treat all Australians equally, no slurs upon any one group. Shame upon any Australian who denigrates even our redheads. One Nation under God. Unless you are like me, who believe more in Humanity. cheers from an Australian.

  2. amybg Says:

    Walking home today I had the good fortune of seeing a sky-writer scrawl “Sorry Ranga” up above. An expensive way to apologise to one redhead, or was the “s” missed out in a typo?

  3. Tim Says:

    lol – nice one amy…

  4. Tim Says:

    and flashy… once again you win the award for most original take on a straightforward topic. Congrats bro!

  5. Flashy Says:

    wonder why Tim hasn’t auditioned for the new TV show. You know where the contestant wants a spouse. It is rumoured our Pauline maybe on the lookout for a hubby. So Tim how about it, will we see the famous Tim on the tube?

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