Souths pokies ban cruelly scuttled

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The South Sydney Leagues Club directors who have contrived to scuttle Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court’s ground breaking attempt to banish pokies from the venue should hang their heads in shame. On Sunday an AGM will he held at Redfern Town Hall to decide the fate of Crowe and Holmes a Court’s visionary proposal. It’s likely the proposal will defeated because of manoeuvrings some time ago by directors opposed to the pokies ban lead by one Frank Zappia. Basicly Zappia orchestrated to make it almost… click HERE to read on, and to LISTEN to my interview with anti-pokies campaigner Tim Costello.

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8 Responses to “Souths pokies ban cruelly scuttled”

  1. amybg Says:

    Sorry Tim but I have to be honest – I could hardly read the first few pars of this piece. The lead confused me (and I like to think I’m not easily confused), the phrase “…contrived to scuttle Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court’s ground breaking…” not making sense to me at all.
    Second par you have “an AGM will he held” instead of “be held”. Following on from that you seem to be missing a word when you say “the fate of Crowe and Holmes a Court’s visionary proposal”, “Crowe and Holmes” makes sense, but should it be “in” a Court’s or something like that (I’m not sure of the story, been working in a Brisbane newsroom all week).
    Third par “the proposal will defeated” should read “will be defeated”. The rest is fine, but as you would know the lead is vital, and I still think the inverted pyramid should hold true. I would love to see you fix this one up, please? I feel bad noticing all these mistakes, but someone has to I guess. Hopefully you get it.

  2. Flashy Says:

    as if Pokies are evil, bring back topless bar maids and while we are here, what about smoking in the bar. 500 million Chinese can’t be wrong, they don’t have advertising either.

  3. Tim Says:

    hey amy – the lead is fine. but the other 2 “be’s” have been changed. holmes a court is a name… he’s peter holmes a court… thanks for your help, seriously…. appreciate it… let me know when you’re in Sydney by the way… i’ll be in new york for three weeks starting on the 24th of aug… so if you’re there…. 😉

  4. Tim Says:

    flashy… you really are good for a giggle…

  5. amybg Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Tim. I haven’t had a day off in four weeks and as I’ve been so busy it’s getting harder for me to keep up to date with what’s going on in NSW. I’m trying though. Sadly I’ll have to pass on New York this time, too busy here. I’m going to email you re Sydney though, let me know if/when you get it.

  6. Tim Says:

    will do.

  7. amybg Says:

    I sent it right after I posted that last comment here…did you get it?

  8. Tim Says:

    sure did.

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