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Our story on the giant inflatable dog turd which tore free of its moorings and carved a path of destruction through the Swiss countryside, made it on to America’s Colbert Report – the best satirical news program in the world (see video). But the fun was just starting. In response to a story Calls for prescriptions for Nurofen Plus one ‘Joe Mater’ had an interesting take. “Dear Sirs, we need to buy NUROFEN HEADECH TABLETS AND CAPSULES in large quantity for iraq country, free zone beirut in transit. kindly send us your best offers in case you can supply regards joe matar 961 3 473 593 mobile.” It was difficult to know how to respond. So we just popped a few Nurofen and moved on. Which was good because there was a veritable fire about to start over at… click HERE to read on.

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8 Responses to “One crazy week at”

  1. Tim Says:

    Just so you know – this story is about a site spend alot of time writing for… but I think it’s quite funny for anyone, not just readers. Tim

  2. Tim Says:

    There was so much I missed out on – there was so much material – think I might make it a weekly thing.

  3. amybg Says:

    It’s a good idea to make it a weekly, or possibly monthly piece. I’m a strong believer in utilising user-generated content, and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed news sites in Australia aren’t quite there yet. Also, the people commenting on sites like seem to love to hear about themselves…

  4. amybg Says:

    And unfortunately I’ve found a spelling discrepancy. In the third par you introduce “Joe Mater’, but in the fourth par – when you quote him – he signs off as “joe matar”. I’m just wondering if those two names should be written the same?

  5. hummie Says:

    Yes Tim alot of material for you to go through. Man some of them are rather passionate, and do not like others views. Still its been interesting to say the least. lots of varied topics to keep the juices flowing. have fun next week

  6. Tim Says:

    Hey Amybg.

    I’m in the states – so i haven’t been able to do exactly as you say and do it weekly. But i will be the second i get back! we think so alike…

  7. Tim Says:

    I know hummie, i know ;-). some need to take a chill pill

  8. amybg Says:

    Hey Tim,

    Yeah, you said you’d be going to New York…is that where you are? I think we think alike because that saying – the one about great minds – is a bit true 😉

    I noticed Jesse Perez had a go at a weekly summary over at Livenews. It wasn’t the same though.

    Also, have you decided to stop just calling me “Amy” now? After so long? Or is there jetlag involved?

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