Where’s Tim gone?

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You may have noticed your correspondent hasn’t posted nuffing for a few days. That’s because he’s over in New York referring to himself in the third person. But that’s not all he’s doing in the capital of the world. He’s also bedridden with gastro in the most expensive and filthiest hostel this side of Timbuktu. As well as that he’s been marvelling at how the second he leaves a whole lot of juicy stories rear their heads. Like that one on the illegal warehouse party that got shut down… having been to a few old Timbo can guess Mr Plod’s version of events is tropical strength bumf. And that yarn on the fairfax journo’s strike… seriously me leave’s for a second and the world goes to… anyway must go I’m sure there’s a New Yorker somehwere rostered on to simultaneously be rude to me and rip me off. And time is money. Talk soon.

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  1. Flashy Says:

    Tim needs 1 x pill
    That pill is as small as a matchhead.
    It is called LOMOTIL
    Lomotil is the trade name of a popular oral anti-diarrheal drug in the United States, manufactured by Pfizer.
    works like magic, saved me from Manila Belly.

  2. Tim Says:

    Yeah i tried that flash. Only problem is it doesn’t get you better it just sort of masks the symptoms. I was pretty bloody sick. Had to have a stiff injection of heavy as anti-biotics instead. They are wonder pills though.

  3. amybg Says:

    Sounds like New York is a bit of an experience. Not necessarily a good one, either. On the bright side, Tim, think how much you can appreciate Sydney when you get back.

  4. Allison Says:

    Tim you had the same that I had last year, how aew you feeling now??

    xx Allison

  5. Allison Says:

    OK OK where is he and is he coming back. I miss him

  6. Tim Says:

    I’m a little better. It hit me pretty hard… it tends to when you have no support network and nothing is familiar. Now the bedbugs are starting on me would you believe… but there is sunshine between the clouds. And i’m coming home in 5 days so I’m looking forward to that ironically enough.

  7. Tim Says:

    And yes i will appreciate Sydney about 10 times more now. Amy has soon as you decide what you really want to be called just let me know.

  8. amybg Says:

    Just call me Amy. That tends to be the standard these days 😉

    Seeing as you missed so much I thought I’d do a quick recap for you of the latest Aussie news I bet you would have written about were you here.

    Iemma’s removal from office – I say “removal” because I first heard he’d been dumped, then that he left in subsequent reports. I haven’t heard anyone contradict either. I bet you would have a lot to say about this event, but I have just as much to say about the new NSW Premier, Nathan Rees. Ask someone to keep the September 6-8 weekend Sydney Morning Herald for you, some very interesting articles in it.

    The WA Labor Party may form a coalition with the state’s National party following a too-close-to-call state election. It’s outside you’re general area, but still a fascinating issue.

    In Sydney again and the Sydney Morning Herald has obtained FOI documents detailling why people were banned from going near APEC. The names were blacked out but some great investigative journalism found a few of them…all of whom were threatened with arrest if they “interfered”, and all of whom were only part of generally peaceful protests (mostly political ones). It’s one story I think would really interest you (and possibly one you might not have heard about there).

    I can’t think of any more right now, but it’s a crazy time for news so I thought I’d mention the big ones on my screen.

  9. Tim Says:

    Thanks for that. Yeah I heard the big stuff like Iemma and that but the APEC thing and a few other titbits i missed… to be expected. On the flip side I got to observe the US media up close. The cerebral librarianess of the New York Times… the right wing ratbaggery of the New York Post… the totally myopic view of the US of the electronic media….

  10. Tim Says:

    In fact it makes me feel like we underestimate how good for example The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph are here in Sydney. To start of with they have heaps more colour… not colour writing… actual colour… and the standard of journalism is much better I think. the New York Daily News (Their oldest newspaper) was atrocious… real amateur hour. Even our websites like LIVNEWS.com.au are way ahead.

  11. Tim Says:

    But amy i must say i was very disappointed you would say the conniptions of the pollies in WA are ‘outside my general area’. I’ve long been a student of the wack jobs in the WA… as this piece… which I emplore you to read can attest… http://www.livenews.com.au/Articles/2007/10/25/Meet_Australias_craziest_politicians_

    I will be catching up with interest!!

  12. Tim Says:

    BTW… more on my US impressions soon… there’s definitely a piece or two brewing on them…

  13. amybg Says:

    I thought you might have missed a few. They should be online, somewhere. You could probably google news them, but I find it’s much nicer to read hard copy.

    I’m really interested in this news style comparison you’ve been making, although I have to say I really do appreciate the SMH and Telegraph as good quality newspapers. Nevertheless, I’m sure there are many (in Sydney) who could complain about them.

    I’ll definitely read your piece on the WA politicians and weigh in with my thoughts, I just don’t have time right now. I’m on a panel for Brisbane’s ‘Future of Journalism’ conference and I really should go over my notes for it before tomorrow…I’ll be back with more in the next couple of days.

    By the way, when do you get back?

  14. amybg Says:

    I’ve had a read through that piece you wrote on politicians. Very amusing, I must say, but wait til you catch up on all that’s been going on!

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