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Went out to my old campus yesterday to have a yak about journalism to all the students out there.  It was great to be back at the mighty University of Western Sydney.  I was just musing generally on the profession and how it is changing and also on my career.  I quoted from some articles I’ve written in the past.  Here are some of the links for keen UWS students.  For an article on Gen Y moving from being media consumers to media producers click here.  For a piece on why I went on Big Brother click here.  For a piece on why I reckon Uni types should engage with popular culture click here.  To watch my East Timor doco click here.  And here’s an example of reader comments informing stories… um… i think that’s it.

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  1. blax345 Says:

    Interesting lecture Tim, as a student contemplating Journalism as a career, it was certainly a heads up on the realities ill be facing.

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