Sydney’s Muslim boys learn their lessons

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Mention Punchbowl Boys High to people and you’ll hear a whole lot of stories. You’ll hear how it’s the toughest school in the country, deep in the Lebanese Muslim enclave that surrounds Lakemba, Punchbowl and Bankstown. You’ll hear how it’s encircled by an eight-foot barbed wire fence. You’ll hear how intruders once broke into the school and put a gun to a teacher’s head. You’ll hear how… click HERE to read on.

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4 Responses to “Sydney’s Muslim boys learn their lessons”

  1. hummie Says:

    gee tim i loved this story. i am gut wrenched at the comments on livenews. racism is alive and well it seems.
    nothing i say will change these peoples minds. what do you do give up?

  2. Britty Says:

    Ive been considering a thoery latley,
    largley it centers on their being a test people have to do in order to earn the right to free speech. Exhibit A will the the absolute mind numbing dribble that came out of peoples mouths in response to this story. I cannot beilive people actually think things like that and then think that its appropriate to say them.
    I dont expect for you too agree with me, infact i morally i dont think you will and thoeries like mine arent really in keeping the fact that i study jounalism. But i cant help but notice the amount of people out there who should just be permantly gagged. And thats my rant.

  3. Tim Says:

    No you keep going and putting good positive stories out there. I was also amazed at how some people on the comment boards at reacted. It seems people can find negativity in even the most inspirational stories. Thanks for your support over there by the way – you made some great points and showed them for the ignorant xenophobes they are.

  4. hummie Says:

    Thanks Tim, I may not be as smart as some, but i do not like the way they treat people. they would not like to be treated the same way. I am recovering well from my surgery and aren’t on the meds now, so my thinking is alot clearer. But i still find it difficult to come up against some of those who are so bitter. who cannot see even a glimmer of hope. I like to see the glimmer. to see the good. these boys are good, the teachers are fantastic. and you did a damn good job. i was just bitterly disappointed that they treated you and the school, and the people of the school with such disrespect.
    I will continue to support you, and say hi to jesse to she got a hard time too i wanted to send her an email of support too. they have been rather nasty of late.
    you would think a good news story would have changed things. oh well. take care.

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