EXCLUSIVE: Mercy Ministries exorcism books leaked

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Mercy Ministries kept saying there were no exorcisms. The Hillsong backed group seemed prepared to cop the charge that they forced sick girls in their Mercy Ministries residential program to sign over their Centrelink payments. They seemed comfortable admitting that while they advertised girls would have access to psychiatrists and other health professionals, in fact, the only treatment they were really offered was housework and bible study. But they didn’t want to own up to the medieval practice of exorcisms. And you can’t blame them.  Who would want to admit they had been trying to cure anorexia, drug addiction and other problems with such hocus-pocus? Click HERE to read on… and to see the leaked documents.

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  1. The Gannett Company shows support for exorcism based treatment center, Mercy Ministries Says:

    […] Brunero originally wrote about the exorcism manuals in 2008. More about those can be found on his blog and the entire article has been duplicated […]

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