Bringing sex workers into the light

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Yesterday morning I joined a group of Sydneysiders gathered at a Darlinghurst café for some morning tea. Like any other group they basked in the sun passing around chocolate biscuits, sipping on coffee and puffing on cigarettes. But these people weren’t you’re average nine to fivers. They were Sydney prostitutes gathered to mark the International Day of Ending Violence Against Sex Workers.  Click HERE to read on and to watch the VIDEO.

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  1. Queer RT Choke Says:

    It was a great day and great to see Tim there in support.

    Violence against sex workers is not usually purpetrated in the form of physical abuse… actually most of us never are bashed, raped or assaulted. Violence against us is moreover in the form of discrimination, whorephobia, and the idea that we are victims.

    We aren’t victims – we are people doing a job. Yes that job is sex!! Yes that job involves nudity!! Yes that job is about people getting it on outside the sanctity of marriage!! Get over it!! – we have, our clients have, and now the rest of you bloody well should too.

    Love from a Proud Whore

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