Are the Victorian bushfires the beginning of global warming?

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Phil Koperberg knows bushfires.  He’s spent his whole life fighting them. For 10 years he was on the front line as NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner. So when he comes out and says firefighters are going to have to adjust what they do because of global warming – it’s worth listening to. This morning, in the face of the phenomenally ferocious bushfires in Victoria, he stated categorically that fires are now behaving in different ways because of global warming.  Click HERE to read on…

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2 Responses to “Are the Victorian bushfires the beginning of global warming?”

  1. damo Says:

    Sorry Timmy I have to disagree,just because Phil Koperberg knows bushfires doesn’t mean he is an authority on global warming.

    Yes we are experiencing climate change, just as the human race has endured climate change over the course of history, she go up, she go down. It seems an ideal time for the government to cash in on this ‘global warming’ phenomena that threatens to incinerate major cities across the globe with it’s new brand of ferocity.

    Ok so the recent fires behaved in different ways (as compared to what we usually deal with), no doubt as a result of the extreme climate, but isn’t it drawing a long bow to suggest ‘global warming’ is responsible? Can’t we just call it a particularly hot summer.. or even ‘the great heatwave of feb 09’?

    Like interest rates statistical data collated over an extensive period I am sure would reveal fluctuations in weather patterns with massive peaks and troughs.

    “Fires are behaving differently in many, many ways. The fuel conditions change according to the amount of rainfall, according to the amount of moisture content in the fuel.” – Yeh this makes sense, but is it due to global warming or is the planet just abiding by historical trends?

    “Even with all our technology more people than any other bushfire episode in our history, 130, have died.” Once again is there any real correlation between global warming and mortality rate? We humans are advanced, but not infallible, occasionally things catch us by surprise. Wrong place, wrong time, grusome aftermath. Was the tsunami also a byproduct of global warming cause heaps more people bit the dust there.

    “The people who are the public mouth pieces for big business and vested interest who are making too much money to want to change their ways” – this is one way to look at it, another would be to look at the government cashing in on peoples fears without any convicting imperical evidence. How can I trust anyone when it seems the government will employ and pay official scientists and political figures to convince the public that climate change really is taking place. There are independent scientists who are willing to rebuke such claims.. scientists such as Filo who hosts the award winning show “Secrets of the Universe”

    You know I don’t have shit to back up what I am saying, just wanted to disagree. “Well allow me to retort”

    I love the planet and do my best to minimise polluting the atmosphere but I hate to be taken for a ride, played like a fool and then a harpsicord that’s out of tune, it’s horrible and I’m sure the people at ventureres would be miffed.

  2. Tim Says:

    no please allow me to retort. basicly it’s not just CO2 – but also general pollution. eventually we’ll poison the whole planet. but anyway – on climate change – damo i will put your names with all the other climate change deniers and in 30 years IF it has all gone to shit we will be able to visit you and get an explanation.

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