Olives, budgets and nerdy girls

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Think the budget is boring? Well yes it is. Except if you listen to 2SER breakfast tomorrow… cos we’ll break it down all funky like… find out what it means for you in 60 seconds or less. Also, while we’re asking questions… What is ‘slutwalk’? A serious political campaign or offensive reactionary nonsense? We don’t know either so we’ll talk to the Canadian organiser… also we’ll have a queer comedian in the studio who reckons god created gay men so there’d be someone to take nerdy girls to the year 10 formal and an olive farmer who’s miffed those new smoke packs the PM’s bringing in are called ‘olive green’ – can she be serious? Well find out on 2SER tomoz between 6am and 9am on 107.3 FM or on the net here! (Also join our podcast here)

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