Randy rhinos, writers and starving activists

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One doesn’t like to confront the fact one is a woos. But the prospect of having the most arrested man in Australia in the studio this morning has unnerved me. Lucky he’s not a hardened criminal – he’s Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition. He’s protested in every state and under umpteen governments. So I suppose he knows a thing or two about detainees. He’ll be taking your calls on Julia’s ‘Malaysia Solution’. Then we’ll cross to Sunrise Reporter Eddie Bartholomew at Dubbo Zoo who’ll be sharing her scoop on the tricky business of Rhino egg harvesting. Plus we’ll have the artistic director of the Sydney Writers Festival and a woman who’s been living on $10 worth of food for 5 days as part of Live Below the Line… so join us between 6am and 9am on 107.3 FM or on the net here! (Also hear our podcasts here)

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