Delivering to the world poses challenge

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Competing in the global economy is exciting. Not only are you increasing the nation’s wealth but you’re also insulating yourself against downturns in the domestic market and exposing yourself to new technologies and innovative competitors. And of course there might even be the odd overseas trip in it too! But there are some serious challenges. This week on Small Biz Central we examine those speed humps with the help of our panel of experts. We meet Nic Cooper, from Turbosmart in Ashfield, who sells turbos around the world but is juggling multiple currencies and holds his breath every time the Aussie dollar bounces around. Should he get into forward exchange contracts or simply only deal in Aussie dollars? Find out tonight at 9.30pm on TVS (Digi 44, Analogue 31) or watch it live on either the web here, or your iPhone here. And remember if you miss it you can watch all the episodes on our website here.

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