Have me over for Christmas?

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It’s the most alone feeling in the world – not being with anyone near and dear at Christmas. Well don’t worry cos this year there’s a solution. The guys at Adelaide’s radio 5AA (the highest rating mob in town btw) have given me the keys to the studio on Christmas afternoon so why not tune in? In fact I’ll be behind the mic on Christmas Eve too. And Boxing Day. In fact all the way through to the new year – so turn me on! You can even listen online here. Or tune in the old fashioned way at 1395 AM. Or use TuneIn Radio on your smart phone…

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8 Responses to “Have me over for Christmas?”

  1. Alimation1 Says:

    Oh Tim! If you were in Melbourne,I’d extend an invitation to join us for a few prawns :). Will be listening and catching up with you that way. Have a lovely Xmas, Adelaide is quite a lovely place so enjoy your time there… Alison

  2. Tim Says:

    Oh Alison that’s lovely. Hope Christmas went off without a hitch and you managed to eat as many plump prawns as possible. Yes it is lovely and I really enjoyed my summer broadcasting at 5AA… I’ve moved onto Sydney now where I’m working on ABC Overnights – a national show which goes to the entire ABC local radio network between 2am-6am. So if you find yourself awake flick it on… anyway… hope you are well and 2013 is workin’ out for ya!

  3. Alimation1 Says:

    Hey Tim, yes, well… the prawns were perfect 🙂 Now, your new job – the chances of me being up at that time are remote, I love my sleep :), but will try and check it out.

    2013 is not going too badly at all Tim, hoping you’re doing all right too? Are you looking to do a few more hours on radio? What is in the wind for you this year, your one goal that you want to accomplish?

    Cheers Al

  4. Tim Says:

    I want to get talkback down pat… if it can only be one thing… that’s it! 😉

    What about you? What’s your one thing?

  5. Alimation1 Says:

    Hello Tim – what does ‘down pat’ entail with talkback? 🙂 I imagine with people being your primary customer and product (per se), I’m thinking that nothing could ever be down pat lol. Me? Um, that’s a really good question – and can’t be pinned by one word (obviously!)… my bread and butter job is getting tedious (contract instructional designer) and I have dreams of launching my art business. Not particularly focused though – 2013 seems to be my year for naval gazing lol. How about I focus on the immediate future and actual listen to one of your shows? Then I’ll launch the business! 😉

  6. Tim Says:

    Hi Alison, yeah ok it’s a deal. I’ve had a few since we last spoke… I have another coming up on Wednesday morning from 6am-9am Syd/Melb time. It’s on a station in Sydney called 2SER… you should be able to get it easily on your phone using TuneIn Radio or on your computer. What kind of art business is it? And also are you on twitter? I’m @TimBrunero

  7. Alimation1 Says:

    Hi Tim – I missed it sorry! Just reading your message now, it appears there are no notifications when you answer? Never mind, I will catch the next one 🙂 Will also look up the Tunein Radio too and catch up with you on twitter. Art business, well not so much a ‘business’ yet, I draw and dabble with art – getting some coaching now on how to launch it to the world so hoping to do that in the next couple of months. I have never been comfortable in the corporate world but as I get older my tolerance levels are as low as they have ever been 🙂 Have to get out before hearing I have to attend yet another meeting lol. Cheers Al

  8. Tim Says:

    i want to see some of your art!!! send me a link to a picture

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