Who really has the most medals?

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So you thought China and America were top of the medal count? Well, you were wrong. In fact they’re coming 44th and 32nd respectively – in the Medals Per Capita count that is. You see, there are four ways you can measure a medals tally. The first, which is the way most Australian press do it, is you just count the gold medals a country wins. I’m sorry to say it, but that isn’t a medal count, it’s a GOLD medal count. The second is to give each… click HERE to read on.

Souths pokies ban cruelly scuttled

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The South Sydney Leagues Club directors who have contrived to scuttle Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court’s ground breaking attempt to banish pokies from the venue should hang their heads in shame. On Sunday an AGM will he held at Redfern Town Hall to decide the fate of Crowe and Holmes a Court’s visionary proposal. It’s likely the proposal will defeated because of manoeuvrings some time ago by directors opposed to the pokies ban lead by one Frank Zappia. Basicly Zappia orchestrated to make it almost… click HERE to read on, and to LISTEN to my interview with anti-pokies campaigner Tim Costello.

Russian invasion not quite as it seems

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The fallout from Russia’s aggressive response to Georgian attempts to take back its province of South Ossetia has deep implications for not only the geopolitics of the region but also uni eggheads’ fancy theories about post-Cold War politics. The biggest casualty of the last week, apart from the territorial ambitions of Georgia, has been the usefulness of NATO and, of course, anything approaching accurate reporting of the complexity of the ethnic and political antecedents to this conflict. Georgia, by invading its rouge province last week, was seeking to… click HERE to read on… go on, so it’s not about Scientology or Paris Hilton but give it a chance anyway…

Your unofficial guide to Internet flamers

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They dive in boots and all, cutting throats first and asking questions later, reveling in the anonymity of the internet. They spare no-one’s feelings with their invective; not journalists, not photographers, not each other – and certainly not Kevin Rudd. They’ll debate any issue, as long as it doesn’t mean listening to anyone else. They’re experts in everything, while knowing nothing. They’re the bravest of the brave, without the courage to use their own names. They are the… click HERE to read on.

The reds under the bed

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Ranga-phobia, it’s everywhere. Once you dare to open your eyes you see its damaging effects all over our great nation. Take, for example, our political system. Who would have ever dared to think the carrot-topped Pauline Hanson was the victim of racism herself?  No wonder she struck out, like a teased younger brother, at those the antithesis of her hideous casper-like visage. And what about our deputy Prime Minister, that famous fanta-pants, Julia Gillard?  Well, she’s done pretty well, I hear you say.  Yeah, that’s why she’s… click HERE to read  on and to WATCH some funny ranga-centric vids.

Sex with Kerri-Anne: The Chasers’ price

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Forget fame and fortune, The Chaser’s Chas Licciardello has revealed exactly what it would take for them to sign with a commercial network: a night with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. The Chaser boys found themselves at the top of TV’s most wanted list following their highly publicised APEC stunt last year and rumours were running hot that they were planning to jump ship to a commercial network.  Click HERE to read on and to LISTEN to my interview with Chas about his pimpin’ proposal…

Why Peter Hore is a bloody good bloke

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Serial pest Peter Hore has been roundly condemned with the usual harrumphing and impotent index finger-waving after running onto the ground during a Newcastle Knights match on Monday night. But I’ll have none of it. The man’s a visionary – all he’s guilty of is making an otherwise boring game of football noteworthy. Sonny Bill has left the country, and this proud Australian is simply trying to fill the void. Where else are we going to get a self-absorbed, partially brain-damaged dipstick? Remember people, beggars can’t be choosers…click HERE to read on, to WATCH a video of Hore’s latest antics and to LISTEN to an interview with The Chaser’s Julian Morrow.

ShineGirl: Hillsong at it again

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Fresh from closing their Gold Coast mental health care facility for young women, where they cured anorexia with exorcisms, they’re now charging public schools to teach troubled girls beauty tips. The program, “ShineGirl”, has Hillsong trying to improve troubled girls self-esteem in prisons and schools by teaching them how to put on make-up, do their hair and nails and walk with books balanced on their heads. But teachers and psychologists have attacked the program, saying it re-enforces gender stereotypes, isn’t being carried out with proper… click HERE to read on.

Singapore sux

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You wouldn’t mind so much if the rulers of Singapore were consistent. If they were hard on drugs but also hard on, say, people who beat their servants to death. Because I just don’t see how 18 years is a fair jail sentence for having a few hits of ice in your pocket and also for torturing and then kicking your servant to death. Call me crazy, but I would have thought one was slightly worse than the other.  In fact, given you are executed if you traffic drugs – I would have thought killing someone with your own hands was kind of worthy of the death penalty. But not so for those wacky Singaporeans… click HERE to read on.

Does anyone look at porn?

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Does anyone look at porn? When you mention to people in the office you’re off to cover Sexpo they give you a funny look. And when you get back they laugh and ask if it was a freak show. And when you look them in the eye and ask if they look at porn on the internet they sort of squirm. It’s kind of a dumb question I suppose – to get a surprising response you’d probably have to… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the video.

Sin returns to Sydney at Sexpo

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With World Youth Day over and done with, it’s time for topless pole dancing, strip poker and a world record number of female orgasms. Just days after Pope Benedict XVI blessed hundreds of thousands of devoted Catholic pilgrims at Randwick Racecourse, sin has returned to Sydney with Sexpo set to celebrate the city’s carnal side. Organisers of the event, which opened today at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries… click HERE to read on.

Timmy’s Big Brother blog: When the big man fell

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It was when Mike Goldman was kicked out of the Big Brother crew wrap party after falling in a canal in an attempt to elude security that I knew Big Brother was over. This is the guy who IS Big Brother after all. Ok he doesn’t do the big man’s voice – but he’s done just about everything else. And he’s a guy, like all the staff on the Reality TV stalwart; that you grow to love the more you know them. It was the end of a… click HERE to read on.

How to cure anorexia with exorcisms

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Exorcisms to cure mental illness and drug addiction, locking vulnerable people away from friends and family, prayer as a solution to all problems – sounds like a psych ward from last century. But actually it’s just the ‘Mercy Way’. The once mighty ‘Mercy Ministries’, a secretive outfit that purports to treat young women with mental illness, is now in serious trouble. Bankrolled by controversial Pentecostal group the ‘Hillsong Church’ and Hillsong-aligned Gloria Jean’s coffees the group has been the subject of a number of complaints to authorities. They’ve already closed one of their two facilities. Women who’ve been through its programs say the main ‘treatment’ they were prescribed were exorcisms and prayer study, supervised by… click HERE to read on.

Timmy’s Big Brother Blog Week 12

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So the time’s come to farewell another season of BB.  Except this time it may be the last.  Let’s have a look back on this season… Well, it all started before it started.  No more Gretel and lots more Kyle and Jackie O, No more Uplate but lots more Big Mouth, housemates were gunna get picked off the internet, there’d be no farmyard or pool but there would be one big bed.  Then it was on – all the HM’s gave up a prized possession for no apparent reason, there was a little person, and she was tiny, there was an old person, and she was old beyond her years.  She got booted – and then banished the only Asian into the backyard – and then came back.  Rima broke her leg.  Then it all started to blur – a party brat was de-sunglassed and… click HERE to read on.

Cirque’s Dralion premieres in Australia

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Australian stars of sport, TV and music have turned out for the Australian premiere of Cirque Du Soleil’s Dralion, which will tour the country for the next year. I went down there to check it out… click HERE to read on.

What happens to Big Brother housemates?

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Big Brother housemates – you saw them arrive blinking and bewildered into the celebrity world only a few short months ago, you watched them grow, you watched them change, you watched them cry, you watched them want to punch the eternally irritating Travis in the face. And then you watched them get booted unceremoniously from the show.  But what then?  What happens after that?  Well they, like their second cousins from Australian Idol and The Biggest Loser will need to deal with being famous – or at least notorious.  They’ll have to learn how to give everyone that cares to stop them in the street two minutes of sunshine – whether they’re… click HERE to read more.

Vale, Big Brother

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The same voices who have dismissed Big Brother for a decade as simply a celebration of the banal, the crass and the buxom will no doubt be popping the champagne at the show’s demise. Most will probably still have never watched an episode. But what many miss is that Big Brother is a major player in not only a fundamental change in our TV landscape – but of our attitude to entertainment in general. It was part of a wider phenomenon where young people stopped being consumers of media and became producers. Big Brother and its reality TV cousins taught kids they… click HERE to read on and to SEE my video and picture tributes to BB.

Timmy’s Big Brother Blog Week 11

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Well, where else can you start apart from Brigitte’s sex-tape claims?  Seriously this is something out of Year 10 – absolute nonsense which could only be dreamed up by underemployed wasters sitting around watching Days of Our Lives thinking it’s some kind of documentary.  Basically Brigitte has accused former lover, Eric Tatarelli, of blackmailing her during her time in the house by threatening to release a sex tape featuring the two if she got jiggy with any boys.  This is supposedly why she steered clear of… click HERE to read on.

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