Sudan’s not news, but JonBenet still is?

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While the news JonBenet Ramsey’s parents have been cleared of her killing does not bring closure on the case, one has to hope it will be the end of the media’s fanatical coverage of the little girl’s death. Sure the JonBenet case has all the hallmarks of a great story: a mysterious and macabre murder of a child, parents as chief suspects, a ridiculously photogenic middle-class white girl, and stacks of footage of her parading around at beauty pageants. But surely the way the media latched onto it says a lot about the way the news works, our priorities as a society –  and how… click HERE to read on.

Are you smart enough for Big Brother?

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The biggest thing you seem to learn at uni is cynicism.  You go from being a fresh-faced, hopeful teenager with plans to save the world – to a jaded second year all grizzled and world-weary. It’s a pity because you actually can make a difference in so many ways.  Unfortunately, it’s so much easier to point out the shortcomings of things.  You know the kind of conversations you overhear at campus coffee shops – there’s no point voting because Labor and Liberal are the same, most of the music on radio is too commercial, there’s no point… click HERE to read on.

Timmy’s Big Brother blog week 10

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First, Rebecca Wilson’s tirade… It shocked me. It shocked the nation. It shocked commentators on my Big Brother fan-site – who went mental posting a massive 105 comments on my story about how her behaviour had traumatised his family – and counting. It was wrong. Gretel used to tease people’s faults out. She’d show a HM some footage, tell them what Australia though, ask them about it and give them room to manoeuvre. She did it gently – it was almost cathartic. Rebecca just jumped straight down Terrance’s throat and, along with Brigitte’s dad, questioned his right to even be on the show. Let’s be honest here – Terrance is only doing what Rebecca and me and anyone else with an ego big enough to want to be on TV is doing. Trying to… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the video.

Livers of Australia rejoice! It’s Dry July

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There’s just so many of them. Red nose day, yellow daffodil week, library lovers’ month, find a lost daughter quarter… Everywhere you turn, almost ever fortnight there’s some kind of wacky, zany charity event. They blur into each other. I’ve just switched off. That is until Dry July came along. Here’s something I can believe in. Something for people aged between 20 and 40, especially single ones like me, who seem to drink their own body weight in… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the video.

Giving diggers drugs? Don’t stop there…

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South Australian Democrat Sandra Kanck’s proposal to give returned diggers ecstasy has been roundly condemned.  And in the same week their last Senator was tipped out of the Federal Parliament – how insensitive. In my opinion, this proposal, by the sole surviving Democrat parliamentarian in the country, doesn’t go far enough.  Why should only shell-shocked war veterans get the benefits of cool drugs? Shouldn’t council workers get to drop a bit of speed?  And couldn’t Morris Iemma do with some too?  Seeing him animated would be a nice break from his current “stoned basset hound” look.  Couldn’t Kevin Rudd do with a bit of…  click HERE to read on.

Timmy’s Big Brother Blog Week 9

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I know in the house there were the people I knew I had to beat to win and there were the people who I wanted to beat for personal satisfaction. I knew Vesna and Logan Greg were the greatest threats – but on a personal level I wanted to beat Dean and Kate. So would Ben and Alice – they would know Brigitte, Travis and Terri are the main threats. They want to win – but they would almost settle for beating each other. If you asked them if they’d rather win and get nothing or come second to each other but win the $250,000 – they’d say come second – but they’d have to stop and think about it first.  Click HERE to read on…

The World’s Ten Grossest Diseases: Tim’s guide

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Sometimes it can be weary writing about politics and social issues day in day out. Where’s the drama? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the gore? Well I’ve come up with a solution – instead I’ll write a guide to the ten worst diseases on the planet. Coming in at number ten is something called Fatal Familial Insomnia. It’s an incurable hereditary disease of the brain that stops you sleeping completely. Then you die. The gene responsible… click HERE to read on.

Timmy Big Brother Blog: Week 8

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I’ve got a bone to pick. And it’s with Ben. I’ve realised I never write about the guy – even though according to the bookies he’s third placed to take out the $250,000 prize. That’s a lot of money. And he doesn’t deserve it. Ben is the definition of under the radar. And Alice is the only one to have picked up on it. As she rightly says he was as complicit in the infamous teasing of Travis in the spa a week ago yet Nobbi has taken all the rap. I’ve had an issue with him since… click HERE to read on.

Why shouldn’t Tania Zaetta cash in on sex claims?

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When Tania Zaetta was accused of having sex with SAS soldiers while on an entertainment tour for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan – she was justifiably hurt. And everyone was on her side. It’s a pretty low smear – especially for someone who wasn’t – like any of the comedians, musicians and entertainers on such tours – even paid for her trouble. As well as being personally hurt, Zaetta stood to lose money working in the ultra-conservative Indian film industry, where they don’t even kiss on screen. According to her she stood to lose up to a million bucks. But a press release that arrived yesterday changed all that… click HERE to read on  – and to listen to my EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Zaetta herself.

Who wrote the rules on public drunkenness?

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Who works out the rules for public drunkeness? I don’t get it. It’s perfectly okay for Daniel Johns to slur and stumble around on stage when accepting an award, but it isn’t for a footballer. When Newcastle’s musical Johns does it, it’s vaguely funny. But when Newy’s footy-playing Johns gets caught with a happy pill in his pocket he’s drawn and quartered. No-one gets sacked when the Silverchair frontman gives suspiciously affectionate speeches about “loving all the people he loves,” but when Ben Cousins gets on the dust he has to be sacked immediately. It’s OK for political journalist Glenn Milne to drunkenly… click HERE to read on and to watch the videos.

Exclusive: Renee reveals in-house pregnancy scare

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BB evictee Renee Black has revealed she was ordered by Big Brother to take a pregnancy test in the house after suffering repeated bouts of nausea and vomiting. In an exclusive interview with the straight-talking abattoir worker says she was called to the diary room when she kept getting sick, gaining weight and her fellow housemates started joking about it. “He asked if I thought I could be pregnant and I said no and then I gave in and said there could be a chance,” laughed Black. “So then he hooked me up with a test and… click HERE to watch the video interview and see exclusive photos of Renee post Zoo shoot.

Timmy’s Big Brother Blog week 7

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So Nobbi started as my favourite. But he’s lost me. Not for the bullying, but for what he’s started doing to Terrance. Basicly he’s decided Terrance waffles on too much so when he speaks to him he just talks back in gibberish. In a house where boredom is your biggest enemy Terrance will start a conversation and Nobbi will say “Kevin Spacey told Winston Churchill he had eyeballs in the back of his head”. Now to start off with it’s not even funny, Nobbi pulls it off really badly and everyone in the vicinity just cringes or walks away. Second it’s just bastardisation. He’s not doing it generously, warmly… click HERE to read on.

Big Brother: how to play the game

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My Big Brother adventure began late one afternoon as I meandered through my old university on a public holiday. I noticed some plastic barriers outside one of the buildings – curious, I went inside. Later, I learnt I was the last of 35,000 people to audition. Unprepared but relaxed, I breezed through the early auditions. In the final round, I was overt about my left-wing politics. Why? Even I, a reality TV novice, realised that you have to pigeonhole yourself a bit. Give the producers a brand – not squawk about wanting to “grow as a person” or… click HERE to read on.

My Della Bosca question

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The biggest question I had when “Iguana-gate” blew up was why would six nightclub staff bugger up their long weekend by rushing off to sign statutory declarations.  Six had done so in the 24 hours after the incident – over people basically having an argument – something which must be about as routine in a nightclub as short skirts, dumb pick up lines and impossibly tall high heels.  And then it became clear. The JP who witnessed all of the statements was not only a former Liberal party staffer, but also… click HERE to read on.

Timmy’s BB blog week 6

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We have to start with Bianca’s Bluff.  Cos it impressed me greatly. Basicly she went into BB and asked if she could keep the two grand he’d left in the kitchen but which they weren’t supposed to notice. He wanted to ask how she felt about failing the task.  And she said something ingenious – she said “But we’ve failed it anyway”.  Great point Bianca, and BB had nothing.  If only she’d followed it through and kept the dosh – because in the face of disobedience BB actually can’t do anything.  If the… click HERE to read on.

Will Miranda apologise to Bill Henson?

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The coppers have been told to get Bill Henson’s pictures back where they belong, but you’d never know. You’d hardly even realise they’ve been told by the DPP there’s insufficient evidence to prosecute photographer Bill Henson over his now famous pictures. The same media that a fortnight ago was splashing the story across their front pages are suddenly relegating it to the bottom of page three. Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, which – with a page one news story labelled the police raid on the gallery displaying Henson’s work as “a victory for decency” – has suddenly gone all silent. Even its editorial today… click HERE to read on.

Sydney Film Festival opens: But which star would you eat first?

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So I went down to the red carpet launch of The Sydney Film Festival and asked the celebs about sequels, Aussie films and cannibalism… click HERE to watch the video.

Costa the Chameleon

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De facto Premier of NSW and part-time Treasurer Michael Costa has been in the news lately for opposing the NSW Union movement, which he used to head, and pushing for privatisation of the state’s power. But as we shall see Costa has a bit of form when it comes to turning his back on organisations he used to be part of – starting way back in the annuls of history in the mid-70s when he began his political career. For a man who is now a leader of the dominant right faction of the Labor Party, you’d hardly expect he began his political career as an extreme Trotskyist. But he did. In the mid 70s… to read on click HERE.

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