Anzac Day is not for kids

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The Anzac Day parade is not a circus. It’s not the Big Day Out, it’s not the Royal Easter Show. It’s a solemn remembrance of the high price we have paid for our democracy. It’s an opportunity for us to thank those who defended the basic rights we take for granted. But with the throngs of kids that have joined the parade in recent years it’s in danger of losing meaning and becoming a farce. It’s in danger of becoming an ugly and nationalistic ‘war glorification festival’ dominated by children and others who have no idea of the horrors of war. Who might even think there is honour or fun or excitement in war. There isn’t. Click HERE to read on.

Best Big Brother Stuff On the InterWeb

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Want to see the best blow by blow website on Big Brother? Well head over to my sister site ‘Oh, Brother’ and check out the latest stories, video interviews with HMs and behind the scenes content. And you better bookmark it too baby! OK, no more b’s, just click HERE.

Stop calling the bride a bushpig!

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Watching people calling the bride ugly is never edifying. But that hasn’t stopped assorted conservatives calling newlywed Kevin Rudd a bushpig all weekend with reference to his 2020 Summit. Speaking at a monarchist lunch – I know the irony is fantastic – Alexander Downer dismissed the summit as a “left-wing gabfest”. Brendan Nelson complained he’d heard the ideas before and that he couldn’t find anyone “with a car loan, a mortgage and three kids who had to find child care to get here.”  You know you wanna know more…so why not click HERE.

I make a motza at the 2020 summit

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The 2020 summit is all about ideas right? So for an ideas man like myself it’s a great chance to make a bit of extra dosh…click HERE to watch a video of me making some fast money.

Kevin Rudd: Complete Wonk or Complete W…?

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Is there anything to Kevin Rudd or is he all just symbolism and gimmicks? Does he have any substance or – as his enemies suggest – is he just an empty shell? An airy furball veneered in cigarette paper and spittle? In a year’s time will the country fall apart when he’s run out of touchy-feely publicity stunts? Just to recap let’s look at the list so far. First there was…you wanna know don’t you? Well read on by clicking HERE.

Boss as Big Brother? How about some give-and-take?

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Letting bosses check workers’ email to protect national security is like leaving a seven-year-old to guard the ice cream armed only with a spoon. It’s about the most stupid idea you could imagine, made even worse by the way it has been announced. It’s clear the press release was written on a day when the Rudd government’s best press secretaries were busily spinning the announcement of our first female Governor-General. Click here to read more (unless your boss is watching of course).


Why are South Australians such weirdos?

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Ask a South Australian about their state and they’ll brag about how they were the only ones not to get convicts and how they were the first place in the world to give women the vote. They think they’re so good. So how do they explain all the weirdos? Case in point – that weird incest couple. You’ve heard the story. A father is so overjoyed to be reunited with his daughter he shacks up with her and has a kid. That’s pretty weird. And what about Lleyton Hewitt? This is a man who has had the tiny scrap of gravitas he might have once possessed surgically removed. A man whose antics clearly show he’s still a child. You’ve got to admit he’s pretty weird. Want to keep reading about their weirdness?  Well click here. (Featuring an exclusive ad by the South Australian Tourism board – that never made it to air!)


Tighten our belts? First, let’s hack into executive pay

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People always seem to whinge about politicians perks, the RBA, dole bludgers and colleagues who aren’t pulling their weight at work. But they never seem to whinge about the executives who are gouging us all. It’s amazing to think in an era where we’re all told we have to find efficiencies, to be ‘flexible’ in the workplace and to tighten our belts, there is one group who are letting the side down – management types.  You need to know why I’m right…so click here.


Some charities are a bit rich

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How would anyone know what was promised to whom given this morning’s news that Channel Seven’s Sunrise wanted $130,000 from a charity to cover their celebrity fundraising event in China. Sunrise claims the charity agreed to find a sponsor to cover their costs. The charity ‘The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre’ says that giving Channel Seven money was strictly against policy pompously stating “it would be inappropriate for a charity to give money to a commercial concern.�? Now the thing about this story is it gets better, read on by clicking here.

Why sharehousing sux

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I think I hate share housing. It’s sad but true. Telling you this I feel guilty, like I’m betraying a once much-trusted lover – unfairly bitching about the bad stuff when most of it was great. But no more can I pretend I enjoy the student squalor of the whole deal. I can’t fool myself the overflowing bins, the skid marks in the toilet and the unwashed dishes are hip and neo-grunge – some sort of up yours to the hideously anal standard of cleanliness preached in Brand Power ads. I no longer ‘dig’ the impromptu parties. I no longer think it’s ‘rad’ or ‘cool’ to find people passed out in the morning, blocking access to the ironing board.  Want to know more? Read on.

Big Brother enlists big-mouthed ex-housemates

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Me and Paul Dyer will be panellists on a new Big Brother commentary show called Big Mouth to air on Channel Ten. The new show, to be hosted by Tony Squires and Rebecca Wilson breakfast hosts on Sydney radio station Vega 95.3, will air on Tuesdays at 9.30pm. Big Mouth will feature exclusive clips from the show, interviews with evicted housemates and will dissect the weekly goings-on in the Gold Coast fishbowl. Wanna read more? Click here.

Scientology is not a cult

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Everyone’s heard the stories. Scientologists worship an intergalactic warlord called ‘Xenu’, Scientologists have an irrational hatred of psychiatrists, Scientologists pursue enemies relentlessly, Scientology is a cult. And having derisively written about the Church before I was inclined to believe the stories. But that was before I actually read L. Ron Hubbard’s book ‘Dianetics’ and started taking the Church seriously. It’s only when you give it a chance that you realise Scientology is the only modern religion on the planet. The only religion to actually work one on one with people to help them live their lives better – after all we’re given all this knowledge in school, but no-one ever actually tells us how to live. Read on by clicking here…it’s all there….debunking ‘brainwashing’, why psychiatry is so destructive…give it a chance.


My Canberra Muck Raking Tour

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I just got back from a muck raking tour of Parliament house in Canberra. Basicly I barged into the offices of some newbie pollies, stuck a camera in their face and asked them the tough questions. Not those boring Laurie Oakes style queries, but the ones you actually want to hear. Here’s what i came up with.


Don’t let China dictate terms

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“Who’s changing who?? That’s the question an anti-China activist recently asked while being arrested by Greek police. He’d been at a brief protest at this week’s ceremony to light the Olympic flame at Ancient Olympia. And it’s a very difficult one to answer. He went on: “The Chinese government is oppressing me even in a free country, the Chinese government is spreading its oppression and dictatorship like a cancer around the world. Instead of the world changing China, China is changing the world – dragging it in the direction of oppression.? See? It’s not so easy is it? Who IS changing who? Click HERE to read on and to watch video of the arrest.

Racist pamphleteers owe us an apology

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The grubs responsible for distributing racist leaflets in the western Sydney seat of Lindsay during the last election owe us all a big sorry. The ugly incident, which got lost in the wash of the poll outcome, needs to be resolved. And it can only happen if the perpetrators admit what they did and publicly say sorry. Anything else is surely an insult to the Muslim community they attempted to vilify, the local constituents they attempted to dupe and the rest of us, whose intelligence they continue to insult. There’s more where this came from…click here.

Why people hate gossip columnists

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Every time a certain gossip column writes about Shannon Noll they have a go. Subtly, but if you look you’ll notice. Usually they describe him as an ‘Australian Idol product’ or perhaps an ‘Australian Idol reject’ or sometimes as ‘Channel Ten trash’. With one nasty word choice he goes from being a singer, an entertainer, a human being, to an inanimate object. But it’s not just him. It’s anyone who gossip columnists deem worthy to write about, but not to suck up to. It’s kind of a weird oxymoron.  Want to know more? Then click here?


Hillsong: A Cult or just plain kooky?

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When I was deep in the hell of the Year 12 HSC a fellow student at Carlingford High School invited me to a ‘HSC Hype’ study camp run by the Hillsong Church.  I had no idea what I was in for.  But after what I experienced I couldn’t possibly be surprised by today’s media allegations the Hillsong Church’s mental health arm ‘Mercy Ministries’ is little more than an amateur hour demon-exorcising clinic that leaves vulnerable mentally ill girls worse off than when they started. Not after what I saw 15 years ago when I ended up with a hundred or so other 17-year-olds at a remote convention centre enduring, between sessions of study, a week of activities with a deep undercurrent of hard core Christianity.  A week that culminated in a late night ‘conversion session’ on the final evening.  It was scary…read on.


Pollies in mufty rocks

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Senator Steve Fielding’s decision to dress as a bottle to draw attention to the need for more recycling should be applauded. Not the recycling bit, the dressing up. We need more of it. It would make it much easier to know where our pollies are really coming from if they took more care with their costume wouldn’t it? But who would wear what? Here are a few ideas. Let’s start with Wilson ‘Ironbar’ Tuckey, the man known for his 1967 conviction for bashing an Aborigine with a piece of steel cable and for walking out of the recent Parliamentary ‘Sorry’ motion. Perhaps he could dress as a blood soaked iron bar wearing a white armband. There’s plenty more ideas where that came from, click here to read on.


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