Stars tread carefully on red carpet

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When rumours spread there would be an all in brawl if the bra boys didn’t win best documentary at the annual Movie Extra Filmink awards last night, more than one or two punters got nervous. So it was a relief the maulers from Maroubra were among the winners at the off-beat award ceremony held at Sydney’s State Theatre. Risking my own safety, I went down to check it all out and have a yak to the stars. Have a look.

Homeless paparazzi strike

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With our obsession with celebrities and the lives of the rich and famous it’s not often we get to see the view from the bottom, until now. Enter ‘Urban Lens’ a photographic exhibition by seven homeless men from the Matthew Talbot Hostel in Sydney’s tough Kings Cross. For 10 weeks the homeless paparazzi patrolled the streets that are their home, snapping whatever gave them inspiration. And the results speak for themselves.

Men want to fight

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Does anyone else think the whole tut-tutting debate around violence in pubs is based on a dumb assumption: that young men hate getting in fights? What does Kevin Rudd think? How does he think fights happen? Does he think blokes of a Saturday night go out with starched collars and a splash of Brut-33 for a tete-a-tete over a civilised glass of rose or two with their chums? Does he think the aforementioned goodie two shoes then, because of one too many Midori and lemonades, suddenly feel compelled to take exception to a another gentleman’s smart remark about the Queen? Well what do you think? Well you’ll have a better chance of working it out if you read on…

Why people hate puppy killers

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The recently discovered YouTube video of a US Marine in Iraq throwing a yelping puppy from a cliff is deeply disturbing. But what is more disturbing – the video or our reaction? Because the reaction has been furious. Death threats have been made against the marine and his sister’s family and they’ve had to disconnect their phone and alert police. Comments on websites across cyberspace have been incandescent with rage. Are the people behind this outpouring of anger as fired up about the terrible plight of the people of Iraq? Are they out there protesting against the war? Want to keep reading and watch the video to see what all the fuss is about? Then click here.


The US Election for Dummies

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Want to be able to impress your friends with your knowledge of the American Presidential race but don’t have the time? Well I’ve done all the work for you…simply read my dummies guide and you’ll know all you need to until the seppo’s decide who’s going to steer the good ship Uncle Sam come November…


So you think you can walk?

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Given the huge success of So You Think You Can Dance? I decided to shoot a pilot for a similar show – So You Think You Can Walk? What do you think?

YouTube Preview Image

Doesn’t play? Click here to see it on YouTube. (I did this vid for a student discount site I’m editing called PokitPal, check it out) Special thanks to my flatmates James ‘Griffith is rad’ Edwards and Ben ‘I do do all my washing up’ Davies for production assistance.

Let’s hear no evil from sport monkeys

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The only way to stop mug footy players staggering around drunk at dawn is to stop sucking up to them. Stop talking about them, stop looking at them, and most importantly stop listening to them. These are people who basically play games for a living. So why not let them do it and leave it at that? Last week the nation’s sports journalists went into overdrive because some trained monkey called another an ‘obnoxious weed’. Thousands of column inches and hours of radio and TV airtime were devoted to this momentous event. Click here to read on…

Kids shouldn’t be toys of corporate cowboys

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We’re meant to be reassured today that – worst come to worst – the government will come to the rescue of ABC Learning’s childcare centres should the company go belly up. Of course they would. No kids will actually get turned out on the street if Eddy Groves’s corporate gamble doesn’t come off. We can breath easy. Well, that’s great, how fantastic. I’m sure we’re all glad we’ll be paying for yet another private enterprise stuff up. Well we should – because we’ve sort of been paying for it anyway. ABC Learning has trouserfulls of our taxpayer dosh already thanks to massive government private childcare subsidies. In fact, they say it’s the most subsidised company in Australia. Want more of this fascinating discourse on the evils of the free market? Slide your mouse over here then big boy.

Iemma opens up Eastern front

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The Iemma government is an outfit in crisis. From a Wollongong corruption scandal smearing a bunch of ministers, to hospital bungles, to transport fumbles. As well as a Premier with flagging popularity – polls out today show him the worst rated leader in a decade. So you’d think the last thing the government would be doing right now is picking a fight with one of the few groups that still support them – the membership of the party. But that’s exactly what they’re doing with their plan to push through the privatisation of the NSW power industry. Click here to read on.

How to know if you’re a manager

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With the labour shortage and the fast pace of the economy it’s quite easy to get promoted into a position high in management without even realising. But how do you know if that’s you? Well you start out by reading Tim’s Guide To Knowing If You’re a Manager™. Check it out by clicking here…


‘Chopper’ Rudd cuts just for fun

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Kevin Rudd wants us all to think he’s something like Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd in The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He wants us to believe he’s disembowelling Howard government waste, slashing the throat of bureaucratic duplication and mercilessly scalping his own ministers’ requests for money. Not that he’s not, but as the leader of a Labor government, politically, it’s important we damn well know it. What he definitely doesn’t want is…well…well you’ll have to click here to find out

Talking To Stars At Tropfest

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So I went on down to Tropfest in Sydney last night and had a yak on the red carpet with Geoffery Rush, Andrew Denton and John Polson…just another normal Sunday really.  Have a watch…


Close encounters with a people’s President

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Unsurprisingly, given his reputation, I meet Jose Ramos Horta through an attractive young woman. I was desperately running around the lobby of the Hotel Timor, one of the only air-conditioned buildings in Dili, trying to scrounge an interview. I was meant to have been talking to Xanana Gusmao, but he’d cancelled. So here I was scooting between tables in the café asking everyone if they knew Ramos Horta, Mari Alkatiri, anyone, I would have interviewed the deputy health minister. It was a pretty desperate mission, I was only in the country for another day, and that was a public holiday. Then out of nowhere a gorgeous woman with a thick American twang tapped me on the shoulder and said…something really interesting…but you’ll never know unless you click here to go on reading. P.S. Oh, there’s the brief interview I did with the the great man too, plus a yak I had with veteran journo Wilson da Silva who knows him well.


Washing Howard’s racism away

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Finally Howard’s whitewash on our history is starting to leach away. The murky dark patches and deep rich ochres are gradually starting to show through. Long gone are the lawyer’s semantic tricks and weasel words that he used to disguise his true motives. No more of the “can’t say sorry because it implies guilt? nonsense. No more using desperate refugees as political pawns to whip up race hatred weeks before an election. No more ‘coincidentally’ announcing tough new citizenship tests for those wanting to become proud new Australians on the anniversary of the Cronulla riots. No Howard wasn’t an apologist, except for the those to whose prejudice he constantly pandered. But that’s all over now. Well Almost…

What I’ve learnt from Scientology

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Scientologists are nuts. A couple of years ago I did an article in The Chaser on them and I copped an eleven page letter and months of phone calls. I’d gone to their Castlereagh St church and done their free personality and IQ tests.

It was hilarious. The building was so dated; gaudy displays and testimonials by Kate Ceberano mounted on kitsch wooden panelling lined the rooms – it looked like it hadn’t been decorated since the late 1960s.  The personality test itself was copyrighted to ‘The Religious Technology Center, 1960’. The 200 questions were hilarious: “Do you browse railway timetables for fun? Do you get unexplained muscle spasms? Do you ever turn up the volume of emotion to create effect? Are you a slow eater?? Anyway…Do you want to know who Xenu is?…Do you want to see footage of last Sunday’s protest against the church?…Want to hear an interview I did with Aussie Scientologist Virginia Stewart…well read on.

P.S. For those extra keen, here’s a news report I wrote about Sunday’s protest – there’s a few extra pics there.

What every student needs

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You’ve got to go over to this new discount site called PokitPal. I’m editing the videos and stories over there. Go check them out…oh and there’s heaps of deals and stuff as well. It’s here.


My job application to Malcolm Turnbull

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Dear Mr Turnbull,

I’ve noticed you have been getting a bit of stick in today’s papers from your colleague, Nick Minchin, and I feel for you. So much so that I would like to offer my services. It has always been a great aspiration to work for a humble man like yourself. In fact, whenever I hear you pleasantly plummy voice I feel a ripple of excitement, much like the ripple you must have felt when you knocked off sitting Liberal member Peter King in that bitter pre-selection battle back in 2004.  Malcolm, you’ve done it tough and I admire that…oh sorry mate…if you want to keep reading you’ll have to click here.[photopress:malcolmturnbull.jpg,full,pp_image]

Jetstar’s nosedive in quality

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In the new Australia no one cares about quality.  We only care about the cash.  We’re not allowed to take pride in our work because we’re not about being the world’s best anymore.  We’re just about satisfying faceless shareholders and miserly private equity firms.

Enter the debacle at Sydney Airport last Friday where hundreds of Jetstar passengers were left to sleep on footpaths when their flights were cancelled.

Here is an airline, like businesses in many other industries, which has shunned decency and service – and more importantly safety – just to save a dollar.  You’re fascinated by this gear right?  Well read on…

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