Why four wheel drives must die

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Four wheel drives are just dumb. Not because you only ever seem to see them being driven to the local shops by suburban housewives to pick up two kilos of groceries. And not because they block your view of an entire hemisphere whenever they sidle up next to you at the lights.

They’re dumb because people buy them for only one reason: vanity. What kind of person swans around in a specialized truck that they’ll never use for its intended purpose? It’s like buying a bookshelf and chopping it up for firewood. You know you want to know more…so why not click here.

Big Brother’s nastier sibling

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Today’s news that the nation’s thousands of red light and speed cameras could be fitted with automatic number plate recognition technology has been predictably derided as ‘Big Brother at work’ by civil liberties groups. But forget about Big Brother for a second, what about little brother? If civil liberties groups put away the scripts of outrage they pull out every time there’s talk of ID cards or other privations initiated by the state, maybe they’d see we’ve got much more to fear from Big Brother’s love-starved younger sibling. But who is little brother? Are you intrigued? Well read on.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Tunnel Rats speak to Timmy

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Well I’ve done what the whole media have been trying to do all week – had an on camera chat with a member of The Tunnel Rats – the group of underground explorers who together with The Cave Clan have captured the public’s imaginations since the tragic events of last Sunday. He showed me how they prepare for their adventures, what they take with them, and discussed sneaking into military instillations to check out bunkers. This really is a must see…check it out here.  P.S.  It was such a must see Today Tonight had me on air on the 24th to yak about it.


The actor who wanted to last

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When you learn the shock news of Heath Ledger’s death, in a bed with sleeping pills close at hand, it’s hard to stop your mind wandering to his lead role in the Aussie movie Candy. Playing a troubled young drug addict he shone, as he did in all of the diverse roles into which he threw himself. This eclectic range of parts was deliberate – he was desperate not be typecast as a teen heart-throb. And it was a serious risk after his breakout role in Aussie gangster movie Two Hands led to 10 Things I Hate About You, a blockbuster teen romantic comedy. The sudden and shocking end to his life is all the more tragic because of what was almost certainly still to come. Read on…

Drunk Vandals or Intrepid Explorers?

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So were the people who tragically died trapped in a stormwater drain in Lurline Bay members of the underground exploration group the Sydney Cave Clan? I’m not sure they were given their appalling preparation and lack of adherence to basic safety measures. It’s more likely they members of a related community of graffiti enthusiasts. But it’s clear they knew members of the Cave Clan. They mixed in the same circles. But what is this shadowy group of intrepid underground explorers called the Cave Clan? I’ve spoken anonymously to a number of Cave Clam members this week and I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with a member, who goes by the Nom de Plume Silogen, and hear more about their fascinating sub culture. So come and take a brief trip with me into the dimly lit world of these tunnel rats.


P.S. If anyone knows more about the Cave Clan and would like an anonymous chat so I can get my facts as straight as possible, please email me on tbrunero@mrn.com.au or call me in business hours on (02) 8570 0000.

Undoing Howard’s meanest legacy

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When the Howard government introduced ‘voluntary student unionism’ they brought a new definition to the term political bastardry. By destroying student unions they took away something, as university graduates, they had all enjoyed. Something integral to the university experience. They destroyed the bodies which provided essential services like campus childcare, doctors, cheap food, sporting facilities and campus cultural events. They annihilated the whole lot because a tiny part of the money which went to student unions was going to the student’s democratically elected political representatives that tended to oppose the Howard government’s cuts to education. Rudd has to make reversing this mean spirited legacy his first priority. Here’s why…

Animal activists should cull the bull

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There’s one group of animals which could do with a good controlled cull. Animal activists.  A recent protest outside Sydney’s Japanese consulate under the slogan ‘Japan slaughters whales – Australia slaughters Kangaroos – What’s the bloody difference?’ only further underlines the naivety and emotionalism which underpins their cause.  Of course, the best answer to their question is: What are the bloody similarities?  Anyway, before you shoot me down on this one, at least read what I have to say.


Four wheels good, two wheels bad

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Is anyone surprised the President of the NRMA Alan Evans reckons cycle lanes on our major motorways are a waste of money? Duh… this guy runs an organisation that represents car owners. What else would you expect him to say? Our roads should be replaced with lush fields of possies and daffodils? As a cyclist, car owner and NRMA member I’m on the warpath with this one…read on.


Another Enron? Iemma gives corporate cowboys the power

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Want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs so no-one notices? Why not try doing it at Christmas when everyone’s preoccupied with turkeys, lamb roasts and freshly shucked oysters?
Enter State Treasurer Michael Costa and his ham-fisted attempt to sell off our state’s electricity system under the cover of yuletide. It actually beggar’s belief given the numerous well-documented failures of public sell off’s of essential services. Look no further than the failure of Enron, America’s biggest corporate collapse. Their corporate cowboyery is now famous – honcho’s ringing their power station supervisors and ordering them to shut down supply. Is that really what we want happening with our essential services? A good question. But I have another for you…want to keep reading more of my guff on the sexy subject of NSW’s power system? Well check it out here, don’t be shy.

Housemates Wanted: My 2008 Big Brother picks

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Hands up who’s excited about Big Brother’s ‘open source’ auditions for 2008?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well over at BB HQ they’re taking ‘user generated content’ to a whole new level by letting the public decide who goes into next year’s house.

Those auditioning submit a short video and punters vote on them. But what if you’re too busy with your hand up a Christmas Turkey to go over to BB.com to sort the wheat from the chaff? Well you don’t need to. I’ve done the hard work for you by picking out my Top 10, (like you couldn’t see that coming.) Check them out here.


Telemarketers: The best form of defence is attack

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Working in a call centre is not fun, I know – I’ve done it myself. But spam calls from telemarketers have started to really get up my nose lately. The sheer volume.

You know the drill. You’ve got the day off, you’re woken by the phone at 9.30am and you go bounding down the hall in your underpants. You’re sleepy, but happy in the knowledge that someone cares enough to call – only to discover it’s someone reading off a script in broken English with the unmistakeable battery chicken backing track of a massive call centre. But I have a solution…why not read on by clicking here…it’s kind of like a choose your own adventure book.

Bingo: End of an Era

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We’ve had some laughs. And some tears as well. We’ve had people stripping off, we’ve had meat trays, we’ve had singing competitions and more than once I’ve fallen off my chair. But all good things must come to an end, and so too Monday Night Bingo at The Royal. Unfortunately the day my flatmate brought his camera numbers were a little down. But no matter, we know how great it really was. Big thanks to Ben ‘the beard’ Davies for doing up this little vid.

YouTube Preview Image

Having trouble playing this?  Here’s a link to its YouTube page. 

Howard still ruling from the grave

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Kevin Rudd’s opening few balls down the political wicket have been swift, easy and popular. Signing Kyoto and stuffing a historic number of women in the ministry was great. But now he must face his first big dilemma: Which is worse – to break a promise or lose the next election? That is, should he honour his pledge to deliver $31 billion in tax cuts? Or should he do the economically responsible thing and can them – or at the very least trim them down?  If nothing gets  you moist like reading about economics…click here…if not click here.


Snorefest: Why the grey man rules Australian politics

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Like sport, politics is no longer for amateurs. The colourful characters of yesteryear, the Keatings, the Boonies, the Gortons, the Mervs, the Goughs and the Kennetts are gone forever. It’s the colourless inoffensive professionals that will now dominate: the Iemmas, the Rudds and the Howards. It’s not about passion anymore… Want to read more? Oh. Well if you did you’d click here.


My Tony Abbott mystery

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A curious thing happens to me whenever I get together with former Liberal Party leadership aspirant Tony Abbott. I get these weird nasty emails. It’s very curious. Let me tell you about it…

P.S.  Political gossip site Crikey were just on the blower (Noon Friday the 30th) ‘cos they want to reprint my Abbott piece, so it must be real important.  All the more reason to go read it. Now.


Goodbye Bernie, my mate and my hero

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I’m extremely proud Bernie Banton referred to me as a mate. But to me he was more than a mate, he was a hero. Equipped with a sardonic wit and a determination to see justice done he led the greatest fight against a corporate giant in Australia’s history. Here is a link to my tribute to this great man and my last video interview with him.


Tim Yaks To The Stars

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The Idol finale had a fantastic shock result. I hit the red carpet with a camera crew and asked the stars to sing their favourite love song – it was truly hilarious, have a look here. But we also asked them who they thought would win – have a watch.


Idol’s Over, But Psycho Drama Continues

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Not many people realise what a psychological shake up being on Reality TV is…it’s something Natalie and Matt will be right in the midst of now. I’ve tried to describe it – have a read and a watch here.


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