My Top 5 Break Ups

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My mum and dad have always had good advice for me. But I’ve often worried I don’t have any life lessons to pass onto my kids, until I noticed an amazing co-incidence with my break ups with girls. Want to know what I realised? What wise cousel I’ll now be able to pass onto my children? Well listen to my short 6 minute story at the Now Hear This story telling night here… and visit Now Hear This central here to find out more about this great ABC Radio National event… WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

Who was the best bond of all time?

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Well it’s one of those age old questions: who was the best bond? Connery, Moore, Craig, Lazenby? And who was the best bond girl? And is that sentence as sexist as bond himself? And who was the best bond villain – personally I like that bearded guy from Moonraker… anyway we’ll be discussing it on ABC Overnights in about five minutes so why not give us a call? Also we’ll be talking to a Aussie who now surfs in Sweden, including when it’s snowing, and we’ll be telling you how you can adopt a Sumatran elephant. You can listen in here, right now!

EXCLUSIVE: Grandma reveals family secret

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I’m meant to be sleeping but can’t… Too excited… Hosting my 1st show on the ABC tonight! We’ll be asking: Are baby boomers re-writing the script on aging, does the new pope look like junior soprano, and am I really my grandma’s favourite grand kid? (I recorded an exclusive interview with her today before lunch at Merrylands RSL where she revealed all!) Tune in anywhere in Oz on your local ABC radio station at 11pm in WA – 2am til 6am everywhere else 😉

Is suing over a broken heart fair?

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Did you know in the 1800’s you could sue someone for giving you a broken heart? Well tomorrow morning on ABC Overnights we’ll ask Daily Life writer Alecia Simmonds all about it… and also why it was banned in 1975. We’ll also speak to John Birmingham of He died with a Felafel in his Hand fame and ask you to join him in sharing sharehouse horror stories plus we’ll speak to a family who jumped into a creek up their necks to avoid a recent bushfire. And we’ll try to work out which Girl Group is the best of all time! Tune in for all the fun on you local ABC radio… wherever you are in the nation! In fact tune in all week and the week after!

Have me over for Christmas?

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It’s the most alone feeling in the world – not being with anyone near and dear at Christmas. Well don’t worry cos this year there’s a solution. The guys at Adelaide’s radio 5AA (the highest rating mob in town btw) have given me the keys to the studio on Christmas afternoon so why not tune in? In fact I’ll be behind the mic on Christmas Eve too. And Boxing Day. In fact all the way through to the new year – so turn me on! You can even listen online here. Or tune in the old fashioned way at 1395 AM. Or use TuneIn Radio on your smart phone…

What’s the hidden message in Alice In Wonderland?

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Does Alice in Wonderland really contain hidden maths equations? Can you get diabetes after doing too much shift work – and should you be able to sue your boss as a result? And is it possible to empirically prove Glenn McGrath has written the worst Haiku of all time? We find out this morning on the breakfast program with a special science themed show to celebrate National Science Week. It’s going to be a event that even Galileo couldn’t see coming! Turn on 101.5 or live stream here.

Breakfast Gets More Gongs

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Well it’s always good to get a gong. So on Saturday it was great to cop a Bilby Award in the ‘Can’t Get Out Of The Car’ category for our interview with musician and Afghanistan veteran Fred Smith. It was great to also be recognised in the ‘Best Interview’ category for our powerful interview with ‘Stuart’ a bloke who’d beat a terrible addiction to pokies which had lost him his partner, his unit, his job and 40 kilos. A massive congratulations must go to Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast Producers, past and present. This stuff simply can’t happen without your ideas, hard yakka, and capacity to get up at 4am!

Happy 40th Birthday Radio Adelaide!

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The Premier rang in to wish us it. The PM had a go too. And even Shaun Micallef couldn’t resist sharing the moment. And when we’d spent enough time talking about our history we decided to make some by doing a simulcast with 5AA where Radio Adelaide’s first employee Keith Conlon now hosts breakfast. That’s right for a few minutes both radio station’s audiences heard exactly the same thing. Fun stuff. But there was still time to get well wishes from Alexander Downer and Natasha Stott Despoja. All up not a bad day. Check out the press here. Or find out more about our history here.

Breakfast Wins Prize For Interview

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Well we don’t often blow our own trumpet on Radio Adelaide Breakfast – but the other day we won a prize recognising a very special interview. A few weeks ago Nick Lee joined us in the studio. Nick lost his wife Jodi at 41. A few years ago they were living in Thailand and Jodi was getting some tummy pains. A visit to the doctor led to a diagnosis of bowel cancer. Only a short time later she was taken by the disease leaving Nick to look after their two small kids. It was just heart wrenching stuff…

So put yourself in his shoes – if your partner died so young what would you do? Retreat into your shell and never come out? Or start a foundation to let people know just how easy it is to protect yourself from bowel cancer? Nick took the second option – and he’s raised money since by running the New York Marathon and the grueling Gobi March – a 250 km footrace across China’s Gobi desert. It was a warm and touching interview. And last weekend I flew to Sydney on behalf of the breakfast team to pick up a cheque for $1000 and a fantastic plaque. So there you go – Radio Adelaide breakfast is an International Award Winner. Even more reason to tune in every weekday at 6.30am on 101.5FM, or on the net here! Oh, btw, check out our award here, and listen to the original interview here.

Can you vaccinate against mental illness?

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On the show tomorrow… a woman who reckons we can ‘vaccinate’ people against mental illness using technology, a fella running 15 marathons in 15 days in the Simpson desert… how you might be inadvertently investing in cluster bombs through your super… and a didgeridoo player in studio who’ll blow your socks off… 6am-9am… Radio Adelaide 101.5fm… listen here… or on your mobile here… but also it’ll all be up here on the web as little podcasts forever!

Come over for breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Toast, tea, maybe a piece of fruit… you can’t face the day without it. But while you’re masticating away in the kitchen won’t you get a bit bored? Don’t you need some crunchy tunes, intelligent interviews and the latest news to feed your mind? Well that’s why the Radio Adelaide breakfast team and I are serving up the good stuff every day. So listen in or check out our daily highlights here.

Pulling legs with Lawrence Leung

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Lawrence Leung gave me a call the other day and said he wanted to use my extraordinary, ahem, bullsh*ting skills for his new series Unbelievable. Can’t say too much but basically I had to hoodwink an RSL worth of punters during a jelly bean counting contest. It was great fun. Check it out tomorrow Wednesday July 20 at 9.30pm on the ABC. Or watch it here.

Can reality TV do serious?

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Reality TV is alot of fun. When your brain’s worn and your tie is loose it’s great to loll on the couch lol-ing it up at the antics on Masterchef. But what about when you have the appetite for something crunchier and more controversial? Can reality TV deliver the goods? SBS’s show Go Back To Where You Came From had a red hot go. But did it spark as much debate as Merlin’s famous ‘Free The Refugees’ protest on Big Brother? Well click here to find out…

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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Sometimes you have to listen to the people. And the people have voted with their feet when it comes to Small Biz Central. The media have been giving it heaps of support. From Ugg Boot Entrepreneurs, to t-shirt tsars, to inventors who want to give something back. The people love us, the media too, so why not check out an episode on our website.

Time to head to Adelaide for breakfast

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What a way to finish up at 2SER. We’ll have the fella’s running to Melbourne to save plants, a professor on corporate crooks, a psychologist on chaplains in schools, and we’ll be joined in the studio by actors from the coming of age play ’33’ which is revving up at the tap gallery… also we’ll play the best of crazy talk show host Alex Jones who reckons ‘elites’ are summoning aliens after smoking DMT… (you just gotta check this link out to see how mental America really is)… why not listen in today between 6 and 9 on 107.3FM… so now all that’s left to do is to head to Adelaide to host breakfast weekdays on Radio Adelaide, or as I call it, simply Rad-Elaide… why not listen in


Lawrence Leung and the powerful green man

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Lawrence Leung is a man on a mission. In his latest TV series he’ll be exploring the world of psychics, ghosts, UFOs, magic and mental manipulation… and even trying to turn a skeptic into a believer. He’s on the show tomoz, and not just because I had a little part in his latest program ;-). Joining him in the studio will be Adam Bandt, Australia’s first lower house Greens MP and the guy who’s about to get a whole lot more powerful come July 1 when the Greens take control of the senate. So flick on 107.3 FM between 6am-9am tomorrow morn… or on the net here! Or download an App to listen on your phone. (Also hear our podcast here)


Youf lead the way in business

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There are some places where young people will always dominate. The worlds of sport and music are, perhaps understandably, the almost exclusive province of the young. But what about business? Why aren’t the ranks of the super rich, for example, full of our youth? Is it that it takes time to build the skills necessary to make it in the field of business or simply that Generation Y are too self obsessed and lazy to do the hard yards? Well this week on Small Biz Central I put all these questions and more to Dorry Kordahi the poster boy of this year’s BRW young rich list.  So check out episode 10 of Small Biz Central on tonight at 9.30pm on TVS. To watch previous episodes visit our website at

Chocolate leaves a bad taste?

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Everyone likes chocolate don’t they? Well some people don’t. Not if it’s made by Max Brenner. Some people reckon Brenner donates $$ to the Israeli Military who they say aren’t very nice to the Palestinian people. So they want you to boycott big Maxi’s sweet delights. We’ll have a student activist on the show tomorrow to tell us why. Also stopping by will be Macquarie University’s honcho Professor Steven Schwartz about Aussie Uni’s becoming businesses not learning places, and an environmental entrepreneur who wants to change the ‘you’ll have to give up this, pay more for that’ climate change headline. So join in between 6am-9am on 2SER 107.3 FM or on the net here! Or download an App to listen on your phone. (Also hear our podcast here)

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